When the winter snowflakes pass by the boundless sky and shed snow-white clothing all over the city, are you also thinking about the hometown of snow? When the morning sun illuminates every inch of the earth’s skin through the faint clouds, do you also stand in the sun and look up at the skylight in the distance? As the saying goes, if you are satisfied, you will be happy if you are poor. If you don’t know what you’re up to, you’re also worried about riches and honour.. Writer Wang Shangyuan said: ” Life is fair and calm”. Everything must be fair and the right way is to act according to one’s abilities. ”. This requires us to grasp the scale of desire, change desire into the driving force of struggle and change ideas, which is a wise move.. In view of this, I sincerely advise the world to pursue fame and profit and not to lose peace of mind by turning upside down.. I hope you will remember that ” a calm heart is the foundation of health”. Wise men let nature take its course for wealth, but fools always want the tide of desire to rise and fall and never wake up. Those with both mentality will pick fruit in the tree of life, and those who have a degree may taste more sweetness of success, while those who are offside may taste some bitterness that is difficult to swallow.. Too much pursuit of material enjoyment can easily lead to self-loss and forget what you really need. Don’t easily reject the happiness you already have and plunge yourself into a state of anxiety, or you will surely pay a heavy price for your foolish greed..     Through the ages, I don’t know how many former sages have thought about life. Some compare a person’s life to a voyage on the sea. Everyone can’t predict how circuitous his life’s navigation route is. It’s best to rely on the navigation tower in the sea as a pilot and know to control himself automatically at the appropriate time, so as to complete a complete life journey and possibly have a happy and successful life.. In fact, people’s mentality is related to people’s moral cultivation. If a person has a broad mind and does not care about everything, he has a correct attitude towards other things, such as fame and fortune, etc., he will not refuse to others, and will not pursue others, leaving it to nature.. Yizhou old man once said, ” If you want to be free from disease, you must first correct your heart so that it will not be confused, confused, addicted, or confused, then you will have a calm heart.”. Heart king poised, the skeleton limbs are sick, it is not difficult to treat, only the heart move, the suffering for recruit, namely Bian Que hua tuo in the side, also have no handle. ‘ Yizhou’s old man’s words are not even believed in the modern society of material desires. However, when a person has a disease, he seeks medicine everywhere but has no cure. When he looks back, he knows what the ancients said is right.. The philosophy in the first half of life is ” don’t hesitate” and the philosophy in the second half is ” don’t regret”. Happiness is to cherish everything you have, to cherish yourself now, to cherish those who love me now, to cherish those you love now, and to be able to grasp happiness..     Treasure is the magic weapon of happiness and happiness. If one day, people are in a bad way, there is nothing to be afraid of. If you want to live happily, then learn to cherish it! When life is not satisfactory, it is a long holiday that God has given you. At this time, you should enjoy the holiday well. When one day of holiday ends suddenly, a good life will begin again.! Life is like dumplings. It is not mature to be dragged down, thrown down or jumped down without wading through the muddy waters once in life.. Many times, the real obstacle to our progress is not the door, but our inner shackles, which make us weak and timid.. It’s hard to change the world. It’s easier to change yourself. Instead of changing the world, change yourself first. When you change yourself, the world in your eyes will naturally change. If you want to see the world change, the first thing you must change is yourself.. Little by little in front of us, little by little, are the source of happiness. Conscience is the most impartial judge of every person. You can cheat others, but you can never cheat your conscience. Remember: Greedy possession of other people’s property seems to be the most real poverty.. The sun always shines after the wind and rain, and when the darkness of the heart is illuminated by the light, the situation will slowly change.. The Buddha said: ordinary people, when they encounter pain, feel like they have won the first arrow.. After the middle arrow, he was clinging to this arrow in his heart, becoming more and more confused and horrified, as if he had won the second arrow after winning the first arrow.. Feeling more and more painful. But people who have received Buddhist teachings. If he encounters something painful, he will calmly observe it and eliminate it. After he hit the first arrow. I won’t hit the second arrow again.     Life in the world cannot be without desire, just as the sea cannot but rise in the tide, this is a natural law. How to grasp the scale of life, let our life not leave regrets, let our life enjoy endless aftertaste, the chance is worth our whole life to explore. CCTV Channel 10′ s penetrating and philosophical advertisement was introduced into the ears’ highly determines vision, changes ideas from angles, and grasps life by standards’. I suddenly felt like I was shining at the moment: isn’t this the true meaning of our’ interpersonal relationship’? Sometimes, I feel that achieving a perfect life is like writing a wonderful article, no matter how clever the author’s idea is or how gorgeous the rhetoric is, it must be clear in writing and clear in the center, which is the most basic’ degree’ for creating a perfect article.. Otherwise, even if a clever hand produces flowers and a witty remark is like a bead, it will inevitably lead to failure.. If the world has no desire, it will not be interested in anything and will lack enthusiasm, investment and pursuit. What a pale picture of life it will be. Time is a passer – by, remember, forget; Life is a kind of calm, crying and laughing.Moderately slow down the pace of life and let yourself rest, you will find the beauty of life around you.. Feel life with your heart and you will find happiness everywhere in life. What is happiness?? Happiness is a kind of mentality, happiness is a kind of emotion, it is hard to find it if you deliberately pursue happiness, but happiness is scattered around you. As long as you live with your heart, happiness will surround you.     No matter what, do not seek the best, just do the right thing, this is the best. Some people say’ scale’ is Li Bai’s’ face upwards laughing out of the door, are we tarragon people’ bohemian singing; Some people say that ” scale” is ” Quzi’s” An can set an example by observing and accepting things from Burma ( M & A; ( North ) The ” faithfulness that does not collude with the secular world; Some people say that ” scale” is Mao Zedong’s ” heaven is old if it has feelings, and the path on earth is vicissitudes of life”. Some people say that ” scale” is the climber’s ” even a small step is a new height” and ” joy beyond the limit”. others also say that ” scale” is ” height determines vision, scale grasps life”. In fact, the’ scale’ of life does not need to be as high and profound as this. Sometimes it is just a casual word, a look and a smile, enough to reflect a person’s mental outlook.. As we all know, standing at different heights, their vision must be different. The higher you stand, the farther you see. This is the unchanging truth of the past.. If life is the sea, then desire is like tide. The key to the problem is how people grasp their own desire scale. When the tide rises and falls, it is advisable not to let the desire overflow. There is an advertisement that is well written: grasp life by standards. This sentence is actually the true meaning of life.