Li asked me, what is love?    When you see her, I foolishly stayed for a while in a daze in the process, I do not think what is love, I was thinking town.    I and the town together 45 months, according to Zeng said flight if love, we are long past the honeymoon period will not be eager tired of every day together, and the fact is not the case.Perhaps because the last six months of long distance relationship, right, distance increases the shelf life of our love, let me see more clearly the status of town in my life.    We are lucky, because our feelings got our seven Regardless of eight aunt of support.Town mother would say: “May our family to make a small play two days Bai Tong!”My mother would say:” winter you do not look at small town?”Romeo and Juliet say if there is no opposition to the family, not necessarily love so blazing, a small town and I did not have to because this relationship is easier and does not know how to cherish.University together, these three years, we are holding hands in class together, shopping together, travel together, do not know how many people envy.But I want to emphasize that, six months ago when I was a small town and stay together every day, and I have absolutely no moment felt so strongly she loved him, missing his heart.Acacia, is indeed a bitter thing, but if there is no bitter contrast, you could not have known that it is sweet?    I think a few years later, I would like to thank the three years of the life of a long distance relationship, because it allowed me to see a lot of things, so I learned the business sentiment, even though I still had time to bear its torture.    Six months ago, I never felt the sweet easy life for granted, never considered the feelings of those around who long distance relationship, but also I do not know why the matter Acacia.After this time were, I’d appreciate the one taste.Long distance relationship ups and downs, the product of any who would cry.Each town cried to send text messages, write e-mail, phone calls day, this became the arduous journey in a fresh roadmap.    Winter town riding electric vehicles to take me to the train station, I hold him in the back, I think again the next time we met I do not know when and where to date, they could not help the tears soared all the way.I am a sentimental person, Parting always came quickly walked slowly, it seems to have become more tears.Xiaolu joke once said to me: “You go to play plight of drama do not wipe eye drops, tears are readily available.”Before, I did not find myself in the lacrimal gland is so developed, perhaps less than a certain situation, you will never find some of their potential it.    Fugue for a moment, I recovered, Li once again looked at the issue of: What is love?    I think, Li must be set again, and angry boyfriend.She said it was a dull boy, do not know how to romance, will not discuss the girls favor, but he gave her a sense of security.    To be honest, every girl, are eager a romantic love, but love often does not look like coming to your imagination.As we sometimes are in them, but may not be able to see things clearly.Our parents are blind date combination, fooling around all his life, I do not know I have said little quarrel quarreling divorce times jealous, but a father to work outside the home, they are not doubted see tears in their eyes, even Yuning choke.    In my opinion, drawing near, eachother love, garden shabby homes, but also profound feelings of love.Ah, love, love, after all, make life worn beyond recognition.But anyway, it is love, as long as you have loved, you will come to know love.Perhaps it comes, perhaps it is time to leave.