In this particularly noisy outside, so inside a quiet night in a dorm-sized room, only a beam of light emitted by the local computer.Such a quiet night, most likely thought-provoking, provoking a myriad of thoughts.    The people around you will be surrounded by all sorts of people, you like or do not like.Have you read the article carefully their world?For the very curious about people’s inner world, for want unlimited knowledge of the inner world of people, I will always be in this time the dead of night, pondering the things happening around us, memories of my life in and out of people.They walked into the room, found themselves too little attention to their dynamic.By arrangement think back to those found on a contact from a long time ago.See today’s fast-did not recognize the photo, we found that really long gone.Look at their age, the data and found that the time is really a little bit lost.    Every day a lot of people into your life, passing mostly short stay more, left behind very little, leaving footprints, but you could not bear to wipe traces.Perhaps you know a lot of people for a long time, but never closer to understanding him, and some just kick the tires on his evaluation.Maybe you know some people for a short time, but already very familiar with each other.Some people you did not pay attention, he has been on your side, nothing too deep communication, nor what unpleasant, over time, you’re used to living with him.Some people are your close friends, no matter what happens, there will always be at your side, and you share all the good share all sentimental.Some people think of you often, but not good Contact.Some people occasionally think of you already forgot how to contact.Some people suddenly remembered the first contact let you get back if you ever feel ······ products through careful everyone around you?When you walk into a person’s mind you will find that everyone around you are worth to cherish.    We have so like pity for the stranger, for why should people into his life so harsh?So many people in the world, you can not every encounter, since the fate of people meet, is the fate met.When you cherish every day to say it, one day you will find yourself in the end in the end what treasure.A fate not even know how to cherish the people who cherish what qualifications talking about treasure, and your fate can be traced back to you and your parents were born fate.    From now on, you do not mean love, love yourself, love others, love of the world.If you love very demanding, then please make love to release a little; if you love have requirements, then please lower the requirements a little; if you love have boundaries that set the boundaries of love extended to plus infinity; if you love is very indulgent, that you tone it down; if you love is selfless, that you be strong.