Poem reads: “flat dike gradually put no spring green, small waves red sunset turned away.”Words said:” They are as soft and hazy dream, nor prayer song early morning sun rise, nor lament suddenly destroy the sunset.”Sunset, ending the sunset; bright with a touch of warm passion vaguely tragic vicissitudes of desolation, that was not put into words the feeling of romantic passion of heaven and earth.Shrouded in orange staggered at the wilderness of the mountains, gorgeous one kind of obsessed with the half-howling half-Jiang Jiang Hong Lin Qing beauty more than sunshine.    Magnificent picturesque sunset, who sketched a graceful silhouette in the golden oblique Hui in?Many piles of gentle hills made her background.Hidden a busy day of noise, Ying Yan homing butterflies spit out the last muddy; pleasant evening among the wings song.Orange rendering various flowers first Nongzi scratch, with the breeze gently swaying; a pool of fragrant sparkling around you.    Far north and south mountains shook his hand, insert straight red clouds in orange; the momentum stalwart waves, blooming with a different kind of magical color.Is that you?To dancing at the blue sky from Lianyun, winding ornate golden touch; for all things human plated with a little broken pieces of gorgeous, like Avon beneath pure jump elf, cheerful dance splash into eye-catching corrugated; soft where soft quivering.    Sunset is magnificent, is nearly dusk.Ancient sigh life lonely, sad to Broken Bridge of Lei Feng sunset.Sunset wipe Hoven muzi picture, intended to prop up the Pinghuqiuyue round of Qu Yuan Feng.Light smoke mountains thousand feet FuTu lean air Koho Youdai Xiyanghong.Gui Cong twilight song left fans, a touch of glow drunk Qiu Jin.Why sigh dusk?Nurturing white sleeves chic singing binge.At nostalgia is still high aspirations.    Sunset emptied condensate night photos, for burning liquor invited Qing melancholy.Who does not mournful?Who Merry?Canhong larch, twist Acacia leaves.Dongfeng Bilian swaying light dance, the sun shines twelve Langan fight Minghui; let me see that distant sky falling clouds, gorgeous and tempting to ten ares wave flat, wild shore unmanned boat from the cross.Spring leaked naked holy, opened a curtain bright blue dream.Nestled between sunset petals, painting the sky orange blossom smart.    Beautiful sunset with a decline of a brilliant dual personality, as if the left bank and right bank of the emotional tangle of interwoven Bana; Jiyu dying is dazzling, like a moment of unspeakable emotions.Looking at the quiet clouds, my heart breaks into a dark red dream, getting into your heart; apply a fresh and lively and romantic painting in your ocean; we were there boating stunning Xi Hui.    Hebi touch of red water sunset, flying in the shore grass reflects your tender.Notes on the piano stout honest sadistic smile thin, light and whispered in the sounds of nature drunken sunset; stumbled free edge of the horizon.Smooth sharpen thinking rough thick clouds, a blue glitter overprint storm warning.The impending rosy, but it is so bright stability, much like my lovely sexy lips.    I am the God you are spending Flower, suddenly look back; the beauty of the west dike sun already shines Baling.Hand in hand with the king riding Lanzhou, the wind and waves to a thousand mountains across this fog.Like a Yong Yule, the day Jiang red as fire of sunset; you cross wind blowing sunset evening twilight.Pity Shaoguang, gently tapping Kam door; Su-hand chord playing ancient ice, clouds Sunset Butterflies.Banbishan light red brocade heap Cuiyun, eagerly sky; touch drunk sunset sunset.