Change does not stop, better meet their continually changing as the leading brand of high-end dairy, the bright Chang excellent ChangeU to "Shining Force" advocate "from the inside out, naturally comfortable" way of life, to encourage increasingly the more runners to join the ranks of Shanghai and half horse, to "change does not stop" spirit of brand innovation, inspire people in the face of the high-pressure fast-paced modern life, need to change yourself from the inside out, from sports , life, work began。
One small step every day, you can see the power of change, to show the natural comfortable outside, bloom new vitality。 Bright Chang excellent ChangeU always uphold this conviction, never stop the pace forward, to bring you comfortable experience from the inside out。
  Bright heart runners, welfare lottery issuing special runners to light the payment of welfare lottery, ran through the official micro-channel public number, bright blossoms set APP platform, supermarkets and other channels to purchase half horse GO the first time to participate in sweepstakes, get entry places。
It is reported that bright Chang excellent ChangeU also the ad hoc medals lettering, exclusive clothing and other multi-run welfare group, expect you to join。
Challenge the limits, beyond the self is not only bright Chang excellent ChangeU insistence, but also the spirit of the marathon race。
2018 Shanghai half horse ready, will create a carnival horse semi-runners in the April 22, enjoy a "change does not stop" wonderful race course。

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