It seems just finished summary, and came to the end of the month.Time really fast, a year of seasons, but he never stays for whom.December weather, should be the most cold, around us, to see is a move forward another person.  About December, we certainly will have a lot of stories about my case, I think today, summarize.    A dual 12 December, there is a more important festival, it is the double 12.Although he is not as good as it looks like an exciting double 11, but still a lot of people’s expectations.And all along the festival does not just belong to the electricity supplier, it can be said that almost all related to each person.  Home factory, before double 12, are also to work overtime, they say, after the double 12, before the New Year wish.  Because the two-day 12 will be a lot of goods.With double 11, as many of them rely on this day.Several Taobao customers do friends are.If they grasp this day, can often make a lot of people a year, six months.  Dual 12 really is cheap, for my own business, we know for sure, that price is really a lot lower than usual.Therefore, many people have chosen to buy things at this time, I also bought a lot of, more or book.  In fact, activity is really necessary.Because so little, completely different.His sales day, we usually, two weeks or even a month in sales.So what, there will be a qualitative change, not just on word of mouth spread.  Under this year’s double 12, the line is also involved in.That day, a lot of people went to line up early.They are holding Alipay.Really I do not think grandfather grandmother will not use, wrong.They Alipay more, many of them bought many bags to buy rice.  Of course, the same as 11 double-double with 12.In some places the flow is large, but also the flow before and after they were small.There is some of them big, while some also smaller.Such as Baidu, will do the bidding of a single day a lot less.  Of course, this is the trend of the times above.People go to the big third-party platform, and we are also going to the big third-party platform.    Second, the stove compared with the previous year’s winter does not seem to feel the cold.In December, the winter solstice has passed.Means that gradually becomes longer during the day, night gradually shortened.The days of our struggle, but also getting longer.  Fuzhou night, it is quite Dewan of.Not just friends here more.  Then everyone, not just a drink, chat, and more importantly, the exchange of ideas at.Many of the ideas generated at this time is.There are, it seems, gradually grew up, everyone’s ideas are less and less, I think this is a good thing.  Thinking before the beginning of time, at that time, always thinking, do this, do that.  But now, everyone go their own way.Then referring to the next planning.We more perfect together.Because we all know, we are certainly trying to move forward.Also have their own way.There is a direction, it follows that did.  I went out and perhaps less, in December there are times to Fuzhou friends, I went out.  They are also slowly transition derivative, not to mention really, earn a lot.There is also a newly recruited, even when walking, in chat, and every word is so serious intentions, repeatedly try to speculate, really envy her happiness.  I think the transition is not a transition, but progress.Like before playing blog, now playing micro letter.  Go out and play like this, a lot of small bars, static bar, they have a position on the outside.You do not feel cold, do not think no one sitting.A lot of people sit.Because they have a stove.This is a kind of progress.This is no ago.    Third, the star in December, I went to the middle of a star, Li Yi Feng.Because a friend is a manager in the studios where so have the votes, but the location is good ticket.But to go, I was scared, that scene, really many, many people.  Intermediate host asked them all to come from where, some said to be from Shanghai, some say from Jiangxi.  Of course, handsome is handsome.But I care more about what’s behind them.  For example, they are very young, but it was sorted out we admire, play movie star worship together.While they stood in front of us, we feel, eh, but also ordinary people.But the average person, really is not an ordinary.  After those 90, many were crying.That emotion, I can not understand.But really admire the star.  Many of the stars was little more than us, but it is doing better than we are.They update a micro-blog, participate in a program, or even angry once.Very easy to headlines.Sometimes I think that way, in the end is where the wrong.  But when we opened the footsteps of their struggle, we will find that they are very simple.  Many of them, five years ago, 10 years ago, have won a national award.Concert, they can get first in the country.We think, the first class is immune.So, this world worse than we thought, than we thought deep.  Many mobile phones are their endorsements, and now when I walk through a mobile phone shop, do not consciously go look at them.    Fourth, in 2015 he wrote a summary keyword December, the 2016 will immediately.Many people are writing summary in mid-2015, but I do not the.Because I have written.Alibaba is held in mid-2015 Keywords.We write together, summed together.  Like the stars above, Ali is also very powerful.And like this type of game, a lot of people are.  But also people who write a lot, more than we imagined.And they are all publicity is publicity for a long time.Mobile terminal, mobile terminal, Home.So to winning in this, a little difficult.In fact, each event are not easy.  But in December, in this game, I won the prize.It was runner-up.  For this, I was very happy.We think the next, to stand out in a classroom is very difficult.We think of high school, a college student, our efforts, there is always harder than we do not know why they are so hard.  2015, I believe that everyone is growing.Maybe some people will say that their incomes have not grown temporarily.But I believe that people are growing up.As long as people grow, then the other will grow up.  Another point is that, in fact, we have to grow faster, because we can not grow, but our peers will not, because the world he will grow.PC era is past, and now is the era of mobile, intelligent era.  Many previous methods used now also, but tend to slow down.Like the carriage, with the current EMU.  So, in mid-2015 has been in the past, what we want is 2016, for the road to be more right, speed is a little faster.    Fifth, the platform when it comes to the platform, maybe a lot of people will think that this refers to the large platform.No, this is two years, the company is beginning a platform.We went to three new board look, many, many are so fun, this is what I said EMU.  Inside the employees no longer ordinary employees, but the maker culture, that is like this, we can do things more.  For example, in the past, you are a company to be listed, so how much turnover you want, how much time you want, how much effort do yourself.But not anymore.Now that you put forward a platform to share toss, then listed together.  Then benefiting together.So, we have to think, to be a company, gradually, we will certainly keep this.  December, I went to Song Xiao Mi company, their company also listed many of the president, vice president, which is 86 years, 88 years.We certainly know that look, now the games are played before, really it is very different.  For example, they initially only play crowdfunding, then followed the play maker culture, a new era, personnel requirements and higher.  December, Internet conferences held, we look to know.Inside they display a variety of products the new company.Are beyond our imagination, we used to think, how would it look like something that.How it will be smart phones.  Suddenly, these have become common.Everyone is in their own way to run the business world also increased exponentially.  So, for us personally, the best choice is a large third-party platform.For example, it wants Ali, Taobao wants.In order to do because they flow, function please do so much good people, put in too much money.And we did just fine.    Or go back to my previous words, when we have the ability to co-ordinate the overall situation, we have to build their own systems integration resources, when we have no way, we will strive large selection of platform.We only do a little, a little to the extreme.  Because in this society, the platform is a way out, but need a lot of professional people, professional people, we will build a platform.    2016 is the blink of an eye, no matter how sad we have every year to 2015.It has always been the history of the ring rolling forward.We are getting older day by day.Others said yesterday the past, not to the future, only the most cherished moment.  I wish you all in 2016, can be harvested every day, every day can be stable, can grow every day, everything is getting better.  Original text, Chen Zhihong micro-channel / QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.