Slanting rain fine wind, the heart, the rhythm of a.Opened the window, the cold wind Lili, a Fallen flowers, falling foot.Misty rain, the long night of this winter, dream Whispering Color?    Night is young and the lights dim.Perhaps, deep memory, once love, in the years of the lips, always a hint of a smile, warm spring-like atrium.I love fragrance, such as a long-planned tender bud.Bloom time, always make up the heart as the tide, as the waves roll swept the entire life of the blue.Everyone would like to have a period of perfect love, unseen hand, and threw all the way Fangfei, dance a butterfly, so that all transformed into love crazy.    Maybe you had not noticed, your graceful charm, let me be honored fingertips, the scent of ink dripping charm long; capsules are writing because you sly, interpretation of their love a memo memo.Your gazing like water, give me butterflies, a tree swaying, petals, down drunk fleeting.And you gently upset, let me fences sparsely six God, stand up, a drop of rain in the cold, a cold snow.    Love, total love affair off, no wine, not a poem.    Zeng fantasy, candle night reading, Hongxiutianxiang, secular beam to the shelf.Geng poetry study painting, make love, mountains dyed flowers; heart, outline Caolu fence garden, our world, free of dust.But secular reef everywhere, the fate of the ship fighting every storm, a barge split stained affair, has long been stranded in the Bund fleeting.My deep and shallow melancholy, searching into verse, to your whereabouts.    You gradually gone, share thoughts, become ever thinner, Cecil strands, chaotic heart.Whisper of love, fallen flowers.Love War season, rain hung in a curtain, hazy into Yilianyoumeng.In the dream, who hit whom the story into a dark injury?In the shore of love, and even take a bridge Acacia, just for standing on the bridge, as you storm the Millennium.The original commitment in the life of each post, netting anyway, just to treasure your life pass a Review.    When the precarious fate of the sky, I missed a good show.Legend, it can only be left to others sequel.No marshes, nor has the highest power, perhaps, from beginning to end, I’m just an insignificant audience.For you, in front of you, beautiful scenery, infinite hope.    Qian street Red dye, enjoy edge yarn length.I bid farewell to your eyes, overgrown with weeds, into a barren field.This is like a knife in the winter night, I suddenly heard the sound of Drum.Buddha Nianhua smile, in my eyes.    Buddha, Jie Cheng pulls past set number of Causality, why bother struggling in the mire of life in?I wake up: Executive in love, for love will suffer; enforcement to read, will read as tired.Obsessed lay down, life was comfortable ah.    I silently bless you, my loved ones.Perhaps in hand, is an obsession; let go, it is a kind of consciousness.Poly edge scattered Life, death impermanence.    Encounter between the earth, regardless of colorful, bustling cleared or shall take it lightly, all revel.Sit fleeting, twist a heart incense, Yi Yang disposition; skim period of time, your heart will quiet.The shadows of life, contains infinite light, not before not to let the pace of Po Po Park, cross over vista.