Beilin is not old age of seventeen in the fall, I began to learn calligraphy.Ancient talented woman drop of ink in a book by the window Xuan carved beautiful picture, has been longing for the good of my heart.So the first time you pick up a pen excited.I feel touch the edge of dreams.Open copybook, I would go for the word Liu public rights, a painting angular, vigorous and energetic, tall and straight stretch of its own kind of grace a charm on the straight and a pleasure categorically.Every weekend, the students moved to a table outside the classroom, in the breeze under the sun, or write, or read copybook, or chat.    Today, brush and ink stone has disappeared, but when I cherish the memory of youth, there is always a light scent of ink floating in memories.Ultimately, the palette on youth Liu public rights “occult monument tower” distinct contrast black and white.    Not long ago, I went to Xi’an Forest of Stone Tablets, a picture of the stone pages, take me to that had gone through time and space, visiting those beautiful souls, they pay tribute to dance on paper.    Zhang Xu stood before the carved stone, flamboyant Cursive through that, I thought I saw Zhang Xu after drunk, riding revelry, is Feiyanzoubi on rice paper, the kind of scene, like a storm coerced showers, set off in big rivers billowing waves, thrilling, like Ximen resorted to in the moonlight to find the correspondence, beautiful, unparalleled in the world, the world will always look up to and that is not always.    I stared at the vagaries of Cursive, think of “style is the man,” saying, ask: Zhang Xu’s life, it is how to shock the world?Young black stone subtle, without a word, only endorse any of that extraordinary look boundless our imagination gallop.    In the Forest of Stone Tablets to walk, the pace must be slow.Every piece of silent stone, have a magnet-like magic, attracting everyone to “go slowly and enjoy ah”.Those grass Xing Kai Li, is the stone out of the flowers, but no CLS Millennium unbeaten, no sound, allows the history to life.    Yen Chen did not hear his name when you familiar with him several lines express this: when the “three-shift lights just before dawn chicken, is the man reading.Black hair do not know Diligence early, white square regret later reading.”When Yen Chen rounded dignified calligraphy show in front of me, I found this poem most vivid vivid notes.It turned out that all the world comes from the achievements of painstaking practice.Yen Chen Tang dynasty was described as a model scholar: noble and flawless quality, temperament Wenrun Dun thick, faithful to the country and the king.He was just as good quality fertile soil, nourished his talent bear abundant fruit full.    When he was with immense pride in the mood to write, “Yan’s ancestral temple monument” “Confucius of those seventy-two eight Yan.”These words, there did not expect his name will be immortal with this stone?There did not expect such a sense of pride from generation to generation, timeless, it just changed the subject?    We read in a long career, there are a number of old friends isolation time and space, such as Su Shi, a child read the poem its words, grow up a taste of their culture and mood of their human mind, by the strange and familiar, and finally he regarded life belief.Su Shi Beilin met in a word, it feels like the long-awaited reunion with old friends from home, extra special.    Beilin’s ink shop staff are ready to print rubbings, ancient and modern scent of ink drift along, linger without a break.    I sat on a stone bench outside the hall, saw off the core covered with quartzite Huaihua, they quietly, with the season ending journey of life.Ash still green and flourishing, with each new year, time flies, style remains the same.    Beilin was saved so many calligrapher’s works, and now, he died had been riding a crane to the West to go, only Beilin will not grow old.