Before going Dazhuhai, I think this piece of bamboo, now is certainly the cloud whisk Wan Ye gentle, dancing, let me play the leading role; it Keke bamboo, whether still empty intestines were drawn eyebrow, skinny, but rise into the sky.The original, “Joan section places the wind blowing branches, Merry pay me stand Wanggui.The most pity howling under the setting sun, with shadows and full guest laundry.”Oh, Dazhuhai, passionate Dazhuhai, is so haunting!Well, tonight I Who brilliant?I worry whether Xianchou; brilliant tomorrow night to who?Are passionate as I!Look, the town “Trinidad Dalian Green Ying, water Murayama Guo Jiu Qi wind.”Red lanterns have been hung up; look, the Castle” Chikubu empty field, shoot one hundred towering cloud to find.”Bamboo has been rolling waves Taotao up.And I will be waiting for you in this Otake sea.Endless down the tall bamboo, water lingering on forest trails and when the heart, was thinking about you, that lush dark green leaves, point dyed endless thoughts of you, how do you not with me?Stroking green bamboo grass, like holding your real estate broker and go to the depths of Bamboo.Bamboo wind mild, cool and bright slip out of the beat, white clouds reflected in a touch of light green, Green and groaning, I do not want to know, you coming or not?Not to think about, whether you want to get out of bamboo road?do you know?This Otake sea, thousands of tall bamboo that grace, as you look different every day; every day a different appearance, so so graceful, lingering charm.That shuiliandong waterfall, moon Lake Falls, dotted, like so Seiitsu charm, just like your temperament, charming or graceful; or magnificent; or static if the West; or moving like Ben deer.Lovely and seductive, like most of your emotions, changes in; in illusion, always so charming.Jiangnan a Libertine, Ming Huan Flirting, he probably did not play a large bamboo forest, and I’m sure.Otherwise, he would surely song “Peach Blossom Temple song” written as “bamboo hut Song”: Bamboo Bamboo fairy fairy planted the bamboo sea bamboo hut bamboo hut bamboo cutting bamboo to change the drinks was sober just sit in front of drunken bamboo bamboo also to sleep under a half-drunk half awake day after day bamboo shoots raw elderly after year I hope never in between bamboo wine.Strolling in this verdant green mountains Otake sea An endless thoughts of you, shop mountain ridge to blowing the lid, along with numerous derivatives have been lonely, entangled in unreal colors.That one a quiet long stone road, meandering down into the depths of my mind, yeah, if you’re me, how good is that the!We can hand up the stairs; or embracing listen Fengtao bamboo Han; or a bamboo table heart; Dramas next month or bamboo Juan-Juan.Suddenly, a group of egrets fright, “flutter Lala.Flutter Lala.”To spread their wings, the sky away.The heron washed up in the moment, it is singing: “The world has this mountain, planted this bamboo for a long time, I have this human mountain, the wind vibrating through the ages.”Oh, egrets and Bamboo also has countless Attachment, then it is here, etc.?Waiting for its share of the ages Juelian!All things like this, then, my heart, but also calm had it?The rise of it, the soul to follow the egrets walk gently ask: do you come?At the moment, I think there is a red sedan, parked in the street Yaotai slate in the distance, I was riding a white horse, a big red flower pinned to his chest, galloping toward sedan flowers facing; the birds cited; wind to send the original, I’ll pick you up.In such a mesmerizing views, I will give you put on a burning “Britain car”, Britain was elated; Britain is ecstatic, then, you and I, Zuiwo cloud pillow Zhuhai, He licked the leaves, blowing that world of band graceful.Since then, I and your heart has settled here, Nanshan Mountain, North bamboo moon, surrounded by emerald green Chung other day.Have you seen our view of the sea floor yet?Take you upstairs.Look, bamboo Chung Tsui, “the wind howling wind acres, ancient bamboo shoot provoke Pik old.”She seemed to dance in green veil; splashes of green ripples; is starting green waves.I want to take you to come here and see acres of bamboo forest, mist sunset, bamboo grove next month, you will definitely like it here, because you and I do not do the clouds of heaven, nor do Epiphyllum on the ground, then, do a pair of Otake sea happy flying egret bar.I just thought: here young, old Shihai totter here, walk together in the time tunnel that’s Zhuhai.On town, red lanterns and hung up on the mountains, and bamboo Taotao waves up roll.Or me, because we have to wait to go, so I was on this hillside, in this bamboo forest, the repair of a small bamboo house, I will be in front of this bamboo house, still waiting for you, journeying wait for you!This is one I can only put your little bamboo house, there are bamboo bed, bamboo furniture, bamboo pen.Outside the building: there are orchid, bamboo, stone; building: festival, incense, love, that was enough, and he sent you, did nothing else, the.If desired, you see: the bamboo house next to the waterfall from the straight diarrhea; Cyatheaceae wildly grown in the hills behind the house, street prostitution singing passionately in front of the branches.If desired, you and you: Reclining windowsill number firefly streams, strings sing-month total fishing!.However, also in this lovey-dovey Otake sea, or in this quiet long winding bluestone level, I am waiting for you to.Although light solution Luo clothes, Xiao understand the tone, with a shadow drifting Xia horizon, however, can only be alone on bamboo, perhaps, no longer Kam book to the cloud.The bamboo house, empty wandering, I wait.A bamboo forest, half eaves Cang month, a barrel of sake, a diameter cold-hui, leaving no shadow me, idealism alone drunk.Window to a clump of bamboo, Nanzhi pay in the North, under the passenger bamboo months, with subtle fragrance Ming, but you will come to you?Long Delicate good night in May, bamboo house listening to Xiao dilute Concert.I know you will not come, you will never come!