Walking in this summer is the season, there is a touch of melancholy hearts.Thoughts filled the air, the person to pull distant time tunnel.In April, hibiscus blossom season.Bright hibiscus blooming in full bloom, purple color that extraordinary and refined.Everywhere you looked, the share of leisurely purple giving a feeling of emptiness.Like this ethereal feeling faint, shallow an elegant yet.    Althea has a very poetic alias, called the twilight falling.It is an herb belonging to the category tree.In our home it everywhere, people think of it as the fence as inserted in the side garden.Althea bloom in the era we always look forward to a better future, then we are innocent eyes without any impurities, that’s simple beauty of nature we have a lot of people do not have.Our beauty is like the kind of indifferent Althea, elegance, ordinary yet refined, spotless.    Childhood we always like to play, play, then there is no TV, Internet, games, our childhood drift in this piece of green dye.At the time we do not know what is love, what love is, in our world full of innocence.At that time we liked flowers, hibiscus flowers in full bloom when the schedule will pick.Butterfly remain reluctant to spend in, we will see the beautiful butterfly was surprised when to pick, holding Althea chasing beautiful butterfly.Our posture in the wind flowing, free and easy.    Time Flies Things dies, Love is no longer.Water east of gone, we were submerged in the late time.Had a share of innocence has been lost, hibiscus people still face the All Africa.A touch of love pure love to stay in the hibiscus blooming years, with the age of our long-forgotten, but the light, the sun and filled with sadness to be blown in this Cantabile years.    Wind, drifting flowers, a touch of melancholy, faint feelings.Althea flying all over the sky, shallow imagined.Qian street dust ink slightest tenderness, elegant touch of Magic of petals.Lost people always evoke emotion when emotion pervades this fresh air, the bright desert only glance.This is inevitable, no need to sorrow, sadness, people passing away just as the falling of this twilight falling, unable to retain, not caught.This is a law of nature, should you want to change this law, then you are asking for trouble, asked for heart War.Blossom end times, people to people and take for granted, no sad.We want to pursue something in the front, rather than once.Deep love deep affection naturally valuable, but that is not a long-term thing, may be illusory reality may be, the key is how to identify the.    We just have to stay in that era, the era that is called hibiscus in full bloom.After all, the past is past, cherish the present owners, forget once beautiful, it buried in the deepest memory, until the time when the old Love has come to savor the taste of that time and now feel a different story.