Night village always very quiet, compared to the hustle and bustle of the city, in such a quiet atmosphere, the feeling of heart quiet down.Looking out the window the night, thoughts drifting into the distance, seems to have been buried darkness.    With respect to the outside world and the inside world is always too quiet, very long period of time, alone linger in the memories of the past gorgeous.Then the doors and windows tightly closed, huddled in a dark corner, to get out of their own, others do not go away.Windows and doors closed for too long, had been covered with dust, have become even touch takes courage!    Hit attack early summer breeze blowing, he lifted the hair a little, and wiped sleep.Say that life is like tea, empty cup how many people can be pending?Increasingly dark night, everything quiet and solemn with.While waiting for the dawn and the night always seems too long.Suddenly, in the sky black as ink came a ray of Huaguang, such as fireworks like a meteor across the night sky gorgeous, short and beautiful, although only a moment, but it’s time to draw a trajectory.Time promoter, brought a greener spring will usher in a solemn winter depression, and our youth in circulation in all seasons, and gradually grow old!Slowly I understand, when we enjoy the warm air was blowing just meaning, they have to withstand the cold and windy cold.Nothing is taken for granted, since it will come, you can also leave!Are you in respect of such pessimism and despondency?As this long night, though dark loneliness, there will be a meteor gorgeous stunning.Why do not we wait for surprises With mood, waiting for that ray of dawn dawn, when the sun might shine on the earth, that you can open the doors and windows closed, to embrace the warm sunshine.    Years and never live up to a sincere heart, the heart will only live up to the hypocrisy of years, you are lost, there is always time for you to compensate in other forms.It is not no, but you did not hard to find nothing!