Today is the official first day of the countryside, but also a lot of impressions a day. According to the arrangement the day before the evening, by our group is responsible for today’s food, that is, cooking.Six, and I get up with the same dorm for the logistics group of players, then wash and rinse.Get up when I discovered that rain last night, came to the place of cooking, and she saw the pots and pans in many places to stay in the open air, without exception, their body covered with rain, my heart “Ko Deng,” look, I thought the trouble. Since the opening ceremony to be held today, the day before the night captain to inform us of the former seven ready for breakfast.6:10, I saw where members of our group basically in the cooking.We say porridge, but put meters in the room did not open until half past six before the door.Finally decided on the number and amount of drainage of boiled rice, the rice cooker and die.Because last night forgot to take the rice cooker into the house, but also under the rain, very humid rice cooker, porridge, then we fear it will damage the rice cooker.A little bit of time looking at the past, we had to change it for another one pot to cook with gas.Porridge with gas, it is the need to constantly stir trouble with a spoon to prevent sticking pot.When preparing side dishes, we began to diverge at the time whether you want to prepare omelettes and how much mustard.Our view is that no set of fried eggs, mustard does not need too much, because we feel that what we prepared enough.But in the captain’s insistence, we prepared a.Let me in preparing breakfast very surprised and very pleased that the logistics group of players because they are not members of our team to help us too.In everyone’s concerted efforts, while undergoing hurried retreat, but we finally came up with a breakfast at 8 o’clock: Two pot of porridge with salted egg, mustard, fried.The only drawback is too thin gruel, too gruel paste.It turns out that the captain insists is correct, those dishes will soon be wiped out. After drinking porridge, responsible for the students to buy food went, the students are responsible for cleaning quickly clean.After everything is clean up properly, the opening ceremony began, rows of children in their own teacher led down to the flag station.Those little kids, laugh very immature.In his speech, guidance teachers and principals, we officially launched the opening of.After the ceremony, the rising sun tan does not work children smile “coax” the teacher back to their classrooms.Look at those small figure, has deeply touched my heart, these are our future, we will have the honor and together they spend the short summer. When preparing lunch, within our group there have been some differences.They come from different places, eating habits and cooking methods vary, so we had differences on minor issues gourd cut method.We have said: the big differences in regional culture.Fortunately, we finally cast aside differences, successfully cooked a table of food.With the morning’s experience, coupled with time is relatively abundant, although the process is also a small episode, but our work is also regarded as effortless.Our division of labor, vegetables of vegetables, vegetable cutting vegetables, cooking cooking, working together.Here are the players most want to thank my team and health groups, they did their best to pay, without paying dedication.Because our team logistics group adopted a rotation system, we have the opportunity to set cooking times, so at dinner time, I humbly accept the views of the players to do better. After a day of getting along, I found every member of our group are very caring and responsibility.We help each other, difficulties together to find ways.Today is the first day of three rural areas, the difficulties we encountered a small group on logistics is not small, but we are trying to solve.Our team is very immature, will meet in three rural areas in many difficulties, but I believe that if we work together, we will be able to grow up!