Breathe the breath of winter, the sun’s fingers grow suddenly found dressed in the spring of Korea and to the instrument sections, such overspill encounter with you, they are like as ever meet, by chance in this intersection, it is wake a wisp of smoke the memories and the case of the mountain plateau, and that is you and I love the beginning of sight.Just bear with bear has become a minor tremor, I read like verdant but lifeless, so they kept ignoring forbear until a corner of the reservoir is full despite the pain.And I had forgotten the day and meet you, in my heart I can still choose to wait, to wait for the results of a unfulfilled, the re-integration of such words wistfully, like the river flows.    I was so worried about you and miss here, in addition to remaining silent hills poignant, your tears of despair once the fragrance and hopeless passion I missing, not just those over the eye clouds, is ah, forget everything for you just barren hills and slopes of the soul, or tired of one kind of human being, I recall this free hours of commitment and dedication in a beam of light lonely retrograde in that moment you Fangchun parted flowers covered with sweet words.Keep a once beautiful dream I did not disturb its existence, seemed to understand across a meteor, it can blink incompetence in any horizon, greeting is surging river in the Pentium, if required emptied my fragrance to drown your sorrow, my walking is tough again will touch your mind, open-minded I would rather you be hypnotized, even perennial wake up, my eyes still won the affection of your predicament.That day, you suddenly a phone call, asked me recently what arrangements?The tone is so rapid and gentle, but I can not remember who you are so the?Random back to you one, probably writing at the computer, you silence a long time before muttering said something like, home of the rainbow so sweet, if everything is able to follow its course, I say you are like a whole infatuated day indulging in the emotional text, but I am stubborn intercession is the most wonderful thing.    Miss perhaps, it is so simple, as the end of the grassland listening to the rain I’m watching you in the clouds.Accompanied by slowly through the age of fleeting, not beside you, miss, but it is so strong.Fate and I was so intimate, close to a warm talk with each other, so the encounter become scarce myth of.Those Buddha-like heart fascinating, no one who has been involved extending along this road, and then, in the name of my son’s drunk on, the willow shore, Xiaofeng moon and dialogue, quietly feeling your skin the warmth, the original, you are my real pain to find the most.Such moments the heart boundless gratitude this wonderful encounter, remember that looked moonlight night, I suddenly seasonal snow melt deglaciation unparalleled light and spacious up around the scene has gradually melted, and if you care vegetation Spring , along with heart warming.Between heart anxious that the arrival of the rainy season quickly, holding hands Scenery vivid rain, and that moment I was drunk rotten drunk, how come you can not remember that the most brilliant smile of?Such a strange and distant.The time away is sometimes near and far, only your smile always catching my memories, although ambiguous in your direction, but it’s solid thick save my expectations, down the slope at the beginning of each new sunset when liter.    If there are no two people loving time and distance, you say the roots for me is a cold word, but you are in my heart is more important than any family, my four seasons without you can not replace clear, I’m not concerned about your spring and summer alternately there are snow flying.Your encouragement made me feel at ease with life, in fact, my heart knows each other, kept the soul is not just a worry, but more of a hope of life to give, you have to stay with my day was very nice.My mind is set during the day or night you can understand from my place where you can heal the pain.Think you are so persistent, so that we never forget the heart stored together, so, this love, you can always continue to do forever?There is no right or wrong somewhere doomed, I was alone and had sad, but I’m worried about this silent?Sometimes I think I’m happy, because your presence and touched the hearts of sadness and pain to get rid of but are so helpless.Stick means outdated, the journey vary, mature life in salt water, and our destiny can not be expressed Yundantiangao, all decisions happiness factor is not destiny, but their own.Ma’am dream, all the processes, or the result, but attributed the earth where there is no nostalgia of their own, there is a moral, not my specific reasonable explanation.In fact, I call only present in some desire to break away from you, from my heart was so misty, yes, I understand that after writing this so you thought, just as the moon and stars of the trip, moisten my ad infinitum such moments of my wandering and stray no definition can lure.Perhaps part of my dream, very humble, because the ups and downs of life to meet the many piles of wind and rain, the margin is still thorough, sleepless silence, I take no reason to cover up, go home, perhaps, we never left the road so had to give up waiting, come and go in the spring really want to close some of your habits soft, old, shadow hanging on with your mood, even one day can not remember who you are?Why do I happened to pass by?We have had bits of fragmented reincarnation even degrading himself, but, ah, we should be happy to harvest, but why are accompanied by numerous bitter in?Perhaps the original, we pursue very naive, those who yearn for a better distance seems to be blinded by the secular gossip?The desire of our hearts, no matter how muddy and bumpy, just quietly faded lost love, you are subjected to confusion and bitterness, my suffering will come to enjoy happiness when sleeping, perception of life have your share of years, warm fall from the sky, feelings of pessimism.    Intention of life, should be the gusto, but some bored in temperament bud, we complain, has become the past, it has been entangled sad experience of our mind, let’s nowhere to release the soul, as the mood gaunt pain is not secret, since we have chosen to forget, any misfortune, when is romantic in a change of the ridge, leaving a turbulence, awake, your ambiguous melancholy and I can not guess, such a result, I fear that this life and the afterlife you most puzzled Chi Chan, and when they bloom nowhere Lvfeihongshou, I can not tell you so withered like frost, like a wolf smelling bright eyes windward silence, only the mountains looks like water flowing.Beyond this winter, even if you lose all smile a frown, I still appreciate this era and this era we have given the flowers are blooming.No need to doubt, we have a saying Qinghai, regardless of love and hatred, or happiness and grief, when all this is part of life to enjoy, in the spring, and my care as a grass dreaming, greedy sucking warm sunshine taste of flying dream, and we would have doomed love.