"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 15: June 13, British media exposure Loukakou just in the last year of his own money to buy shoes News。Just two days later, Lukaku will sign a long-term contract sneakers。British media, "Daily Mail" means Loukakou and Puma have been signed, he will be wearing Puma shoes this summer's World Cup campaign。"The Sun" had said Loukakou money headstrong, he signed a shoe contract would not, do so in order to make their feet comfortable, because he can freely wear various brands of shoes。The last three friendlies, Loukakou were wearing three different brands。It is worth mentioning that in the past whole year, Loukakou of his own money to buy shoes to wear。Now, he decided to end this situation。It is reported that he became a consistent and motor Biao, the two sides signed a long-term contract (did not disclose the specific number of years)。Subsequently, Puma officially announced the news。The warm-up match, Lukaku is wearing Puma shoes scored twice, this may be an important reason for his signing of the final decision and Puma。 "To select an independent sports brand is a very important decision, not only to the I scored on the pitch, but also related to my goal in life。Hopefully, I can wear it boarded the pinnacle of life。"Loukakou happy representation。25-year-old Lukaku at Everton had signed a shoe contract with Nike, the annual endorsement fee is 25 million pounds。Last summer, Loukakou move to Manchester United, and he also happens to Nike contract expired, he had to ask for more contracts were Nike rejected。2017–18 season, Lukaku played well at Manchester United, has been unanimously endorsed by the outside world。Fish big splash he has been chasing for more shoe manufacturers, Puma ultimately have the last laugh, "Daily Mail" said the endorsement fee Loukakou is not a small figure。