Reporters from the evening of 4 Preparatory Committee was informed that after the establishment of the new district for male security personnel to some media about the real estate district gathered, housing prices and other reports, the news release said male An District, strictly implement the "house is to live, not used to fry "the spirit of the new security, Rongcheng, Xiong County, three counties have been according to the law of the land, construction and real estate transactions, etc. control。  Ann hung District news release said, in order to collect any deposits, interest payments disguised sales "Five Card" are not all real estate is illegal to buy such houses without legal protection。New hope that the masses enhance self-protection, do not believe, do not spread, do not participate in a variety of promotional and sales activities of illegal real estate projects。  According to reports, the new district will be strictly enforced security male real estate control policies, second-hand housing and crack down on illegal trading house property, to crack down on illegal construction, crack down on illegal sale of black intermediary, hype, driving up prices and other acts。  Recommended Reading April 3 to 4, Hebei provincial party secretary, Zhao Zhi, director of the provincial People's Congress, the provincial deputy secretary of the provincial party secretary Xu Qin when security research in the male District stressed the need to unify their thinking, adhere to Xi Jinping General Secretary's important speech and the central spirit of the document as a guide, strengthen the responsibility and mission, to play, to do the male security planning and development work。  The situation on the 3rd, Zhao aiming District presided over a meeting to hear officials of relevant departments to report。4 morning, Zhao Zhi, Xu Qin Xiong An in-depth New Area, inspected the core area of the profile, and then held a forum to listen to the current New PC work carried out and the next step work plan, construction of the new service reports on the situation in Baoding, joint research to promote the planning and development work。  Zhao Zhi pointed out that the establishment of safe male Hebei District, is a major historic strategic choice of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee, is the new district after another, following the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Shanghai Pudong New Area of national importance, is Millennium plans, national issues。The past few days, the new district temporary party General Secretary Xi Jinping to seriously study the important speech to convey and the central spirit of the document, actively carry out public opinion to guide, strengthen market management and control, improve the orderly transfer of custody, the work rapidly。  Zhao Zhiqiang stressed that the current district just set up, a lot of arduous tasks lie ahead, the recent eight key tasks to do as soon as possible。First, carefully organized to convey learning。Use the General Secretary's important speech and the central spirit of the document unify their thinking, to effectively enhance political awareness, the overall sense of core consciousness, par consciousness, firmly support and implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, thank gratitude to Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee Hebei's concern and support, the initiative to shoulder the historic mission and responsibility to play, to create a new development concept to implement innovative model of development。The second is to strengthen the planning, management and control of land and real estate。To implement the most stringent control, the provincial government sent inspectors to New group to carry out inspectors in key areas, according to the law to crack down on the black real estate agent, against all kinds of wrongdoing, Zhuadian Xing exposure, in order to set the record straight。Third, do public opinion guide。Pay close attention to network dynamics, strengthen the positive publicity, occupied the mainstream position, to form a correct guidance of public opinion。Fourth, in-depth mass work。Cadres at all levels to the grassroots level, the better the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and related policies propaganda, dispel misunderstanding, build consensus, educate and guide people and businesses correctly handle the relationship between self-interest and the construction of the new district, long-term relationship with current。Fifth, improve and perfect the organization。More streamlined and efficient, the principle of unity, science and management agency set up new area, the integration of administrative resources, improve service efficiency。Focusing on a sound system as soon as possible to establish normal working mechanism, orderly, targeted work。Sixth Speeding planning。Using the most advanced concepts and international-class, focused the country's best talent, international talent to absorb, planning stand the test of history。Seventh overall male security around the district planning, land management and control。Strict control of real estate speculation, to ensure a smooth and orderly market。Eight is to maintain social harmony and stability。Strengthen the petition work, investigation and resolve social conflicts, improve emergency plans, to create a good environment for the planning and development。  Zhao Zhiqiang tune, to be hung in the good safe district started to work and carry it out of key tasks。Male security planning and development to adhere to a high starting point, high standard, high-level efforts to build a new town green wisdom, to create a beautiful ecological environment, the development of high-tech industry to provide quality public services, to build fast and efficient transportation network, to promote the reform of institutional mechanisms to expand the whole open position。To strengthen the "four consciousness", continue to do the media guide, high standards of quality organization planning, management and control continue to strengthen the institutional and procedural innovations, the preparation of high-end industrial planning, Efforts will promote new construction, coordinated development of urban and regional。  Zhao Zhi requirements, to strengthen the organization and leadership of the planning and development of。To adhere to the sub-line operations。New temporary party should take the leadership responsibility, initiative as, make every effort to start work。To a joint effort。Baoding and Xiong County, Rongcheng, Anxin three counties to firmly establish the idea of a game of chess, in close coordination and mutual cooperation。To strengthen the building。Learn from the advanced experience of the region, special policies, the introduction of high-end talents, efforts to fight the New General business platform。To change their work style。Cadres at all levels should further enhance the sense of mission, seize the day, time waits for no Suxingyemei, passionate work, with good style and full status, do a solid job male security planning and development work。  Xu Qin pointed out that the establishment of safe male New Area is a major national strategic plan to promote the personal secretary Xi Jinping, is a major historic strategic choice made by the CPC Central Committee, to optimize regional distribution and spatial structure, urban structure, industrial structure, promoting reform and the new era great significance and opening up, innovation and development。We must thoroughly study and implement the important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary of the series and the new concept of governance new ideas and new strategies, deep understanding of the central strategic intent, effectively putting the "four consciousness", served as a strengthening, lifting power of the parties built Chiaki city, gather the wisdom to build the world's City of the future。To fully control, highlighting the problem-oriented, crack down on illegal sales of real estate, land law, illegal housing, looting and other acts of planting plant crops。To take over the hosting orderly, adhere to seek progress, the careful consistent, high-quality efficient transfer of work to do related。To take the initiative to guide public opinion, good policy to explain to combat malicious speculation, create a good atmosphere。Mass work to be meticulous, villages and households do ideological work, identify the demands of the masses and the point of integration policies, timely response to the concerns of the masses。To deepen policy research, relevant departments should make up Gongzuozhuanban, according to the New positioning, innovative institutional mechanisms to actively docking communication with the relevant state ministries and commissions, learn from the advanced experience, to create the effect of policies Heights。To plan a high starting point, high-quality, in accordance with the "multi-rules-in-one" requirement, revise and improve the overall planning and special planning。To liberate ideas and adapt to new ideas, new thinking new positioning requirements, with an open attitude, a global vision, promote reform and innovation, the new district will be safe male playing implement the new development concept of innovation development demonstration area。  Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor Yuan Tongli, Provincial Committee and Secretary-General Le Quang business, Zhuhao Wen Secretary-General of the provincial government, the provincial government party members, the provincial Public Security Minister Liu Kai participate in research。(Source: China News Network) notice is issued through the stock market impact analysis interpretation Introduction appointment and removal of regional reports (Original title: Hebei male An District announced: on land, construction and real estate transactions law control) (Editor: DF208)