I would like to give yourself a bouquet of flowers, but I do not know too much about the language of flowers, many years ago only to remember there is a deep blue flowers, its name is its florid——Do not forget me。It represents loyalty and constancy of love。    I know that this flower comes from boyhood read an article I am touched by the novel of the same name, the famous writer Wang Meng of "remember me"。The novel's protagonist is a proven grew up in the Revolutionary War youth, after the liberation of the country into the city to work, he has not forgotten the countryside lovers, is the kind of agreement between them blue flowers——Do not forget me。To the extreme left of the last century, the truth is as absurd, in the couple married just three days the occasion, just because the hero to work for a newspaper, because of his work, published an article entitled "Rome was not built in a day cold, "the article, the hero was labeled a rightist error, the last prison。His new wife waited for him for eighteen years, a year for him to make a pair of shoes until he returned vindicated。Or the kind of agreement between them blue flowers——Do not forget me。    After review of this impressive novel, I think no matter how warm feelings ever forget – is a prerequisite。The only pure feelings and deep feelings will never forget each other, if“Crazy situation when the party is in real”Then eighteen years of waiting and forget-it must be in pursuit of a noble sentiment to do。This pursuit of noble feelings make life more meaningful。This story may be fictional, it can describe the feeling, but it is motto of true love。    Well, after listening to me this story, may you remember this blue flowers——Do not forget me, it represents loyalty and constancy of love。    Author Yang Tianhong