Stir breeze kissing tonight, a monthly child playing the song in the distant and quiet gloom, Qiuchong Ling songs faint drift into the ears, the night is so passionate。That old song I do not know who is singing Youde, so familiar, so familiar。  Heart was suddenly struck, blurred in the song。Looking back, it has quietly secluded trails covered with memories········  When passed, the border has been moved。Looking to the years of Feng Yan, only to see what life is but like a leaf, so short ah。I failed to keep the pace of time, like water flowing in Hua, youth gone, gone immature, gone Flowers Blooming innocence。  Flowers Blooming, season Liufang。At the time we value young。Good youth flowers swaying unsteadily to the sun, shining heart simply naive good————  I not remember, how you are walking leisurely, and that a pair of bright eyes, always cheerful affection shining in my right。Childish I ah, but not too much to care about。You like to play with, to accompany me trouble, I go crazy with me, laugh with me········At that time, I always feel the sky lark than we are not necessarily happy。  Ling Ling stream, regardless of whether I will be running wild Advantage, you always care of, with big hands strong to me again and again stagger the rescue。  Shanghe rain, the umbrella cover is always sore in my head, get wet in the rain to be you, you smiled and said, you would rather········  Injured, killed, and pity·······You will always be with me, cry with me to give me encouragement make me happy, as you use a heart tightly guarded。At the time I did not go to a good ah innocently thought。  I held my hand like you to listen to the voices of flowers together; you also like to ride a beat-up car, take me to travel; you also like to listen to soulful singing that old song, over and over again, I did not bother too , immersed in a mesmerizing。  Forget, once that night, helpless I'm going to the doctor to help her grandmother, dark world, I could not stop trembling, are you far came with your tender as I built up a brave in the night security wall, so I rely on··········  You stay with me, you care for me, as I think of you always and everywhere, but you did not sentence heart and I said。I hesitated, the suspect, also from the shy never asked you。So everything in the past, in the past······Now think of it, how many of regret ah!in case·······in case··········Unfortunately, not if!  Then blossoms!We are young, do not know how to appreciate。Young, not too much to care about the beauty of flowers。Then blossoms!We really still too young to know how to cherish, always think flowers are a very common thing; always thought the world there are many important things to be waiting for us to open up; always thought there are many dreams to chase; then the world big, there are too many curious to catch our walking·········  Time footsteps too hastily, China went on stream, the youth has receded luxurious silk。In fact, life is but a leaf, floating on the strings through the season。So many years, fleeting。Many things have become memories in the years of sedimentation in water。That umbrella was wet outside figure, a pair of bright eye, that road the night the wall, also precipitated in my heart lake。That time is still clear。That old song often climb over the wall in memory of my ears。