Manchester United introduce Sanchez transfer operation may be in the Premier League this season, the most notable deal。 After the deal is completed, many people also believe that Manchester United and Sanchez's hand described as a "natural fit" – Manchester United rivals Manchester City favorite to grab prey, while disguised weakened opponents, but also gain a striker superstar; and Sanchez also get the opportunity to play Champions League, championship fight in Manchester。
  After joining Manchester United, Sanchez has until now played 10 times, but he only harvest a goal, in addition to data shabby, Sanchez performance in the field and more people are being criticized and questioned。
Premier League legend Alan – Shearer bluntly in a column: "Manchester United signed Sanchez, but it looks like they signed Sanchez twin brother。 Sanchez in the race looked like a lost little boy。
"So, why can enter the 24 goals last season in the Premier League, Manchester United took Sanchez came to Manchester United but suddenly it does not attack the?  The so-called "first to ask is not, ask why", simply decline does not fully reflect the decline in the United Sanchez struggles and goals from Sanchez data, and "Sky Sports" gives Sanchez performance score, then show a good the Chilean King distress at Manchester United。 This scoring system combines a player in a single game in goals, assists, passing success rate, the number of extraordinary success and tackling, blocking, rescue and other 32 data can be observed that a more complete player the state of ups and downs。
In this scoring system, we can clearly see that since the 2015-16 season, Sanchez scoring in the Premier League has been at around 2,000 points, but after joining Manchester United, Sanchez only in the game against Huddersfield get score more than 4,000 points, the remaining five Premier League games, Sanchez's scores were lower than 2000 points。
  In addition to the overall score, after joining Manchester United, Sanchez also appeared in a significant decline in the trend in many offensive。 After joining Manchester United in the Premiership Sanchez played 531 minutes and scored only one goal, his farm in Manchester are also just shot a few times, and he averaged at Arsenal were shot several times as high as the other, creating the number of opportunities, Sanchez field during Manchester United were creating chances, but also much lower than the field average age of Arsenal 3。   But offensive in Sanchez's "cliff-style" fell at the same time, his defense there is data improved significantly。 Sanchez played in six games for Manchester United in the Premier League, he averaged assists made every 90 minutes, goals, creating several opportunities Attempts are almost half the number of shots on Arsenal periods; but Sanchez every 90 minutes the number of interception, than in the period rose Arsenal doubled the number of passes in his half of the party is also far higher than the average of the period at Arsenal。
Visible, Sanchez declined in the power of the offensive end, but United emphasis on defensive tactics often forced him to return to his own half to intercept the ball, which is bound to compress his offensive space。
  In addition, every 90 minutes of extraordinary Sanchez also increased at Manchester United, but correspondingly, the number he lost the ball every 90 minutes also increased over the period Arsenal。
Manchester United lost to Newcastle 0-1 Premier League 27th round, Sanchez actually lost a single game 36 possessions; and in the first 29 Manchester United 3-2 win over Crystal Palace in the game, Sanchez again to hand over 34 single-game losing bad possessions of respondents。
After joining Manchester United, Sanchez in 10 appearances (all competitions) have been crazy to lose the ball 247 times。
And when in the Premiership, Manchester United when Sanchez averaging ball 81 times, averaging the number of lost the ball 27 times, lost count the number of ball touches the proportion accounted%, while this season for Arsenal efficiency, field the ball 76 times, compared with the mean number of lost the ball 25 times, the number of missing the ball touches the proportion of the number of accounts compared%。 As can be seen, Sanchez at Manchester United may be more used to select the way people attack, but accordingly, in the case of loss ratio close to the ball, the number of lost ball Sanchez also rose。
  So, Sanchez has been lax attitude to the game whether it?The answer is no。 After joining Manchester United, Sanchez's running become more positive。
Manchester United 2-1 win over Liverpool, running from Sanchez to reach km, this is his since the 2015-16 season-distance running most of the time。 After joining Manchester United, Sanchez every 90 minutes running distance of kilometers, this figure is also higher than the period of his data at Arsenal。
  Return to the tactical level, in the past Arsenal array Sanchez's role is most often left winger / left avant-garde, so he cut inside excellent technical and shooting skill to be fully tapped, but for the Manchester United game, Sanchez active area closer to the middle, he faced more intense defense, but he appears more the number of times the backcourt, which also affected his play on the offensive end。
  Sanchez played for Manchester United in six Premier League games, Sanchez's position also had an impact on his performance。 In the game against Huddersfield in the game, Sanchez closer to the left, while his teammates rarely compressed space, he also kicked out the best performing game in Manchester United array ( "Sky Sports" rating up to 4561 points); while in the other five games, Sanchez active area closer to the middle, more or retreat to his own half in defense, his performance naturally decline。   Thus, although Sanchez era at Manchester United through more running, more extraordinary to become more diligent and more positive, but he was fighting a bit "too hard", he also lost the ball more, caught struggle。
Meanwhile, Manchester United lack of offense, Sanchez suited to the new location, as well as the requirements for full participation Mike Mussina defense, all contributed to the decline in the state of Chile King, a downturn。
And Mike Mussina want to activate the long-famous stars, but also to spend more thought。   (Long song)。