<Span style""&," ="="">  After sometimes some things do not happen in their own body, but when I hear someone tell, perhaps that this matter。There was still a feeling of empathy。It will be like a personal experience as a kind of immersive empathy。No something for nothing in this world。If there is a dream come true thing, please do not believe you have not had to pay, often unexpected will always be a surprise。All kinds of outcome, or fleece。Life to make a difference in the play, not simply enjoy life。Life sometimes your stress, that could result in a hardship situation is a period of time。As long insisted that victory。Facing the difficulties ahead, life is like in riding a boat behind。  Sometimes I feel like a migratory fish, when often need to love, to nurture the next generation period, will be toward the front of the line counter-current direction of the river。By heavy obstruction, and finally to the place of his birth, the melting snow has a hotbed of breeding natural water sources and nature。Yes, the migration is the nature of the fish, is the law of nature。The world is not without effort to get something from now I'm chasing fish love to move, no matter in front of many difficulties, no matter how much hardships, I will greet countercurrent, forge ahead。  I want the play, has to bear, do abide by the law of a man。The greatest difficulty pressure, I am willing to bear, because I am a sincere person, not a false role played。I am me, I have to play。In the chaos of society I stick to this position, I just need a simple marriage and family。You can grow old promise。