Beijing on March 8 NBA regular season to continue fighting, knight away to the Nuggets, they finally beat the opponent to 113 than 108 reported before losing to the opponent's revenge。 Cavaliers – Larry Nance game 6 of 10 shots to get 13 points in an efficient 13 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 steals data。
  Knight say that at present the most popular player but not the core of the team James Nance, because it can be described as his recent good performance of the。
  Just the other day playing 20 minutes against the dig Jin Nansi they got 14 points and eight rebounds in the data, for the first time to play the game Nance starters capacity as representative Knights played, Taifashenwei scored 22 points and 15 rebounds data。
  Today against the Nuggets again, Nance is still very good performance, he brings to the Nuggets basket in the killing effect is very obvious, although there is no continuous score, but the face of the third Millsap in the basket labeled 2 plus 1, Section IV of the hoop facing Jokic impressive。 Today Nance especially in steals, got four steals。
Created a new high this season。   Nance expressed in an interview: "When I was young, I did not have much in basketball shine。 So I will own label positioned as a game with defense, energy, effort and desire to win to win the chance to play, I guess my attitude is retained。
"Nance is now the Cavaliers except James the best player, James is also the biggest helper around, there are data representation, and Nance were present 127 minutes, plus-minus total James reached +53, shooting rate%, the net efficiency value。 Nance absence 203 minutes, James negative total value of -29% was shooting, the net efficiency value – 。 Pick and roll between Nance and James Knight has become the strongest attack mode。   Before starting center Thompson's team also missed two weeks, Loew also missed a month, the next important task this time the Knights inside game of the annual salary of only 1.26 million of the inside。
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