Xinhua News Agency Bangkok (Reporter Yangzhou Ming army) China Hong Kong SAR Government Department of Education launched on the 20th in Bangkok "along the way scholarship" to attract to Hong Kong to pursue a bachelor's degree in Thailand outstanding students, personnel training for the implementation of "all the way along the" Initiative。
Hong Kong Secretary for Education Eddie Ng and Thai Minister of Education Tila Jie after a bilateral meeting at the Thai Ministry of Education Day, the agreement on the scholarship program。 Eddie Ng told reporters at the scene: " 'along the way' is a national initiative, based on the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win。
Hong Kong by the national opportunities in this area, we think we should do more practical things, one of which is the establishment of 'all the way along the scholarships', we hope that through this scholarship to promote popular interlinked, international cooperation to achieve mutual win-win situation。 "He also said that the number of universities in Hong Kong in the world rankings, the introduction of this new program may further promote the internationalization of higher education in Hong Kong and diversification, consolidate Hong Kong's position as Asia's regional education hub。
Meanwhile, the students receive scholarships through the university spent four years in Hong Kong, in contact with people in Hong Kong, the fusion of the two cultures, can become a "cultural ambassador" to promote exchanges between Hong Kong and ASEAN。
The HKSAR Government Scholarship Program for Thailand from 2017 to 2018 school year, for three years, a maximum of 10 places, which is a maximum of 30 students per year benefit。 Each student scholarship winners are eligible for up to 120,000 Hong Kong dollars per year (1 Hong Kong dollar US 0.89 yuan) to graduate。 Moreover, needy students For additional funding, but also receive an additional quota of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars Scholarship。 This scholarship funds for Thailand Co., Ltd. donated by the President of China Chamber of Commerce Chen Jingwei Jingwei Group and Hong Kong。
Donors Chen Jingwei said that with the national "along the way" initiative "along the way scholarship" very meaningful, Thai students to study in Hong Kong, understand the Chinese culture, self-development, completion of their studies they wish to make to the development of China and Thailand contribution。 According to reports, the Hong Kong Education Bureau has launched in the 2016-2017 academic year in Indonesia, "all the way along the scholarship", has 10 scholarship Indonesian students attending undergraduate courses in Hong Kong and in the future "all the way along the scholarship" will continue to expand in Malaysia。