People complain about prices rising too hard, for too few developers Tucao, the local government will have to accelerate to the inventory。For different demands of the parties, a New Deal building housing the Ministry of Land and Resources announced yesterday and is expected to "more than a medicine for disease"。The core of this policy is to inventory digestion cycle of sub-grade, short cycle to expand land supply, to stop for a long period to。"From the start of supply and demand, which prescribe the right medicine。The next step depends on the local government executive power, see the Department of Housing and accountability efforts。"There is true assessment of the real estate sector。  According to E-House Research Institute latest statistics show that in 70 major cities, 45 cities of inventory digestion period of 12 months (including 12 months) at least, these cities at least need to "increase the supply of land", where Nanjing 6 city "not only a significant increase in land supply, but also to speed up the tempo for the land."。  Remedy 6 April, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Urban Land and Resources issued "The recent housing and land supply management and regulation related to work on the strengthening" (housing [2017] No. 80) (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), put forward adhere to the " the house is for living, not for speculation "positioning, strengthen the supply of residential land 'five' regulatory management by objectives。  According to "notice", the obvious contradiction between housing supply and demand, upward pressure on prices of large cities in particular, to a reasonable increase in the ordinary commodity housing land supply scale residential land。Destocking to reduce the heavy task of urban residential land supply and even pause。All localities should according to commercial housing inventory digestion cycle of digestion period of 36 months or more, it should stop for the land。36-18 months, to be reduced for the land。12-6 month, to increase land supply。6 months, not only to a significant increase in land supply, but also to speed up the tempo for the land。  Real estate sector an interview with reporters are "thumbs up" these policies。Centaline Dawei, chief believes that the policy clearly the relationship between the inventory and the supply of land, with a clear market inventory digestion cycle of the supply of land rhythm。Land market regulation to add and subtract, and more to reduce the inventory of land supply, increase the supply of land less。  "This policy most targeted, grasp the crux of the industry, ideas and methods are quite right, to see local governments can implement。"Mingyuan, chief Liu Institute for Real Estate Academy policy," said a local government to see there is no enthusiasm, as it will affect; another city to see whether they have some new land supply conditions。"Some respondents also believe that short period of destocking city mostly some hot city, where even increase land supply, developers will still be looting。  Hot List above the latest regulations, which require hot cities "a significant increase in land supply, to speed up the tempo for the land," it?  A reporter statistics obtained from the E-House Research Institute show, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Huizhou and other six cities in the past six months the average inventory cycle in less than six months, must be significantly increased for the land and the accelerated pace; and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the average inventory cycle in 6-12 months, Shenzhen's average inventory cycle in 12-18 months。  Shanghai's inventory cycle turned out to be longer than Hangzhou and other places, whether it is contrary to common sense?This data is exactly how the statistics out?In this regard, insiders pointed out that the Shanghai-control efforts is large, leading to volume decline, which may make statistics out of data with real supply and demand is unlikely to match。  Must be mentioned that only one of the above statistics words, E-House Research Institute also said: "the inventory cycle, ie sales ratio = new commodity housing stock of the month / last six months of newly built commercial housing sales area of the average。Where 'sales moving average' refers to the average of the last six months of newly built commercial housing sales area。"Some analysts have told reporters that the algorithm on inventory digestion cycle, different agencies have different algorithms, some institutions in accordance with the recent average rate of three month to go to the measure of the speed of the market, some institutions in accordance with a past the average velocity is calculated on the go。To this end, the Ministry of Housing and the Department of Homeland need for "national unity" on the inventory digestion cycle specific calculation methods and standards, or different each algorithm, the final result will be relatively large differences。  "If the government increases the number of available places, to speed up the tempo for the land, we certainly welcome, and now a second-tier cities is the lack of state land。"There are developers declined to be named told reporters that the government for the small amount of land, developers will inevitably lead to looting, land prices will rise naturally。The case of the king and not related to the supply of land, enough to go around, how can not be king?  We need accountability is worth noting that, in the context of state regulation, many cities have been introduced in mid-2017 for the program。For example, the total amount of state-owned construction land supply plan in mid-2017, Nanjing in 2800 hectares, of which new construction land controlled at about 1600 ha。2017 Nanjing land supply plan in real estate development land 700 hectares (of which 530 ha residential land, commercial office space 170 hectares)。The state-owned construction land use plan Beijing 2017 scheduled total supply of 3,900 hectares, including 610 hectares of residential land, commercial use 310 hectares。  Insiders pointed out that part of the hot city there is a problem out of touch in the planning and implementation aspects of the supply of land。To plan for doing more, but the situation is relatively common plan able to fulfill。In fact, some cities since the listing of relevant annual plan for implementation of the letter should be, at the same time you want to refine the annual supply of monthly, and make it publicly community, if not finish, regulators should take responsibility decisive accountability。  "The Department of Homeland policy objectives mentioned in the classification regulation of land supply, which is the first of the recent land policy。By linking to the inventory cycle, prices and other indicators, so that each city to plan for a more scientific and rational。Then look at whether the Department of Homeland thus develop appropriate mechanisms of accountability。"The industry source said the case。(Original title: Department of Housing and "right" at least 45 cities to increase land supply) (Editor: DF319)