US scientists had twenty-five thousand of DNA have been studied, they found that annoying person has a special gene called OR6A2 on chromosome 11。
This gene parsley in the aldehydes (source coriander flavor) very offensive, it will be difficult to hear that the smell of coriander。
  So, do not eat, not their hypocritical, this turned out to be not a natural life。
  The efficacy and role of beneficial blood circulation is rich in incense oleic acid, malic acid, both of which can well promote blood circulation, improve the ability of myocardial contractility and may to some extent, not only can achieve diuretic laxative, can also be adjusted blood sugar, so that the blood sugar level to maintain a balance。  Contains a variety of fishy taste in the volatile oil, can effectively remove the smell of meat during cooking meat, if you add some parsley in dishes, not only to remove some do not want to smell the odor, also can play a mention the role of taste。
  Open, stomach gas has an aromatic, parsley after eating the body will play a role in promoting the secretion of gastric juice, so often eat parsley, then, will have a better appetite。
  Prevention of respiratory tract infection rich rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, Vitamin?Help to enhance the human body, there sterilization effect, so regular consumption of the treatment of respiratory tract infections and other respiratory diseases have a certain role。Coriander sweating and have a good effect, so in cold water to drink parsley also has some help。