What are eczema treatment is that many people have ever met one, especially in the rainy season which, more prone to the disease eczema。 So in the end how to treat eczema do the following small series to bring eczema treatment for everyone, help you say goodbye to eczema!The method of treatment of eczema the eczema Therapy for as long as that aspect antipruritic。 In some of the current medical acute eczema, usually used calcium, sodium thiosulfate or intravenous fluid to achieve the effect antipruritic。 Acute generalized for use in patients with a variety of eczema treatment effect is not obvious may consider short-term use of corticosteroids, once acute symptoms are controlled after appropriate reductions should be removed to prevent long-term use of hormone-induced adverse reactions。
Infection should consider adding the corresponding antibiotic。
Symptomatic local therapy the choice of appropriate formulations, topical skin rash and characteristics should be required, the choice of cleaning, antipruritic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent and the like horny contributed。 In the case of acute eczema no bleeding of the affected area, wash the affected area usually used calamine, when exudation case, usually used steroidal creams or wet。
Subacute treatment of Eczema Eczema is generally often used bran oil distillate, distillate oil containing a corticosteroid creams and pastes etc.。
In order to prevent and control the secondary infection can be added in the neomycin-like antibiotic drugs。
Chronic eczema commonly bran oil distillate, black beans creosote, tar and corticosteroids ointments or creams, such drugs may also be made of plaster or liniment。 In addition, damage can still be limited to Board hypertrophic corticosteroids for topical transdermal injection。 Once a week, usually four to six times for one course。
Chinese medicine Chinese medicine to treat eczema There are many methods, methods of treatment according to the severity of the disease, Chinese medicine chosen is different。 If acute eczema relapse, usually with Long Dan Xie Gan treatment, it has the effect of cooling blood dampness。
Subacute eczema should spleen dampness, Fang Weiling Decoction dehumidifying。 Chronic eczema is desirable expelling blood, blood dryness, side by Si Xiaofeng Decoction。
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