Ticker on April 19, the Mavericks in the playoff opener to cross the border, home to 100-94 victory over the Spurs, with a total score of 1 to 0 lead。
  When the playoffs last encounter, the first battle also broke out in April 19, the Mavericks victory away from home。 Meet again after the first anniversary, the Mavericks home game, but played very hard。   Dirk – Nowitzki 14 shots 12, scored 36 points and 7 rebounds。
Caron – Butler 22 points and six rebounds, Jason – Jason Kidd 13 points and 11 assists。   Spurs thanks to the combination of GDP, Tim – Tim Duncan scored 27 points and eight rebounds, Manu – Manu Ginobili 26 points and six assists, Tony – Parker 18 points。   Once again the two teams in the playoffs to face the sword, both sides know too much。
In the All-Star break, the Mavericks completed a transaction, its purpose is self-evident, and the Spurs is no change, Parker also injured in the last paragraph of the regular season, became the substitute, replace Parker as the starter today is George – Hill。
  After opening Ginobili scored 4 points, the Spurs 6-1 start, the momentum is pressing。
Mavericks played in the game three minutes after the first score by the Butler in warfare。
But Nowitzki to reveal the true nature of the King, the first section will be more than half, he succeeded three times in a row, first tipped succeeded, then step back shooting, a minute later, he performed another shooting mode, turn around fadeaway succeed , leading the Mavericks to 13-10。 Driven by Nowitzki, the Mavericks others excited, Kidd has since been succeeded, including one-third, Haywood the "three-point play" successful, the Mavericks to 23-18 end of this section。
  Nowitzki first half shots is not much, but maintain a high hit rate and continue to succeed free throws。
Before the end of Section II, Dirk Nowitzki shot succeed and cause foul after the vote with a penalty scored 3 points, the Mavericks to 50-45 halftime。   When there are 46 seconds, Dirk Nowitzki again "three-point play" success Section 3 points, leading the Mavericks to 67-61。
Duncan also layup with a ball, Dampier and Dirk Nowitzki have caused a foul, succeeded consecutive free throws, the Mavericks maintain our edge。
Kidd hit third, the Mavericks led by as nine points, 76-69 to end the first three quarters。
  Butler hit three-pointers shortly after the start of the fourth quarter, one shot 5-0, the Mavericks 81-69 to expand the advantage。 Duncan and Ginobili freak, two consecutive "three-point play" success, led his unit to play a wave of 8-2 after a narrow gap。
  Competition also 5 minutes and 29 seconds, Duncan layup, the Spurs only 84-89 behind to。 After seeing the Spurs will overtake, Dirk Nowitzki to come forward again, his first foul, hit two free throws, followed by step-back jumper, also in Dampier throws a ball, the Mavericks again 94-84 double-digit advantage。
  Parker also to hook a ball, but Kidd immediately be pressed with a three-point。
Ginobili would like also to third, but failed to hit。 After Terry hit third, the Spurs have missed shots and lost opportunities。