The effect is what is now the city people are very focused on health, especially Meridian Health is more loved by the majority of female friends, then the effectiveness of Meridian Health Massage is what today Xiaobian go and see what is the effectiveness of Meridian Health Massage it!Meridian Health Massage effect of what meridian system is functioning properly, the blood running smooth, strong function of various organs, will be able to resist the invasion of evils, to prevent the occurrence; on the contrary when the meridian lose their normal function, then by unfavorable gas or imaginary loss, you can take advantage of the evils invasion。 Therefore, "Su Wen.Cutaneous, "said:" off evil than the skin Cou open, open in the off evil collaterals, collaterals full the note in the meridians; meridians into the full possession of the homes in the internal organs also。 "Pointed out the pathological state, Meridian is way evils spread of mass change from fur muscle Cou。
The evils invasion muscle table, we can see fever, bad cold, head and body pain embolism, pulmonary continued since the joint fur, the evils in the meridian bonded to the lung, the renewal can be seen, breathlessness, chest pain, etc. disease, lung disease and syndrome that is。 Because of lung and Large Intestine, also sometimes abdominal pain, diarrhea, dry stool, or the like colorectal lesions。 Communicate with each other through meridians between organs interrelated, so that contact can be meridian pathways affected organs lesions between each other, so that the diseased organs through a certain meridian affect the other organs, a disease generating mass change。 As Jue Yin Liver rely stomach, note the lungs, liver disease can be so Fan Wei, Fan Fei; kidney meridian can lungs, heart network, so the kidney water cooling can "Atom Heart", "lung shot."。
As we interact via two male and female, since the network or, belong to the same or organs, thus often also affect each other by pathology。 The lung and Large Intestine, lung failure Su-down, often can cause dirty gas barrier, seen constipation; colon excess heat, and can also cause adverse lung see chest tightness, coughing。 Meridian health massage effect what additional induction by conduction meridians, can reflect lesions in organs outside, in the performance of official quite awakened, the meridian line through the line, or certain parts of。
The anger on the inflammation seen two red red eye, throat; Firelight on inflammation, pain and death visible redness tongue; stomach flaming, swollen gums like visible。 Liver qi stagnation, the two threatened lower abdomen pain。
Another example heartburn, can be expressed as precordial pain, upper extremity and radially to the inside of the ulnar edge, i.e., it is because the heart through the line Shaoyin hand edge of the inner side of the rear limb。