10 years and profits and not 1.500 000 000 December 26, 2016, announcement Wei Long 1 Media acquisition of listed companies.8.5 billion shares, if the transaction is completed, Long Wei Media will become the largest shareholder, the actual controller Zhao Weicheng。  January 12, 2017, after ten thousand cultural resumption even pull two daily limit, and January 17 intraday record high of $ 25。  But it did not last long, and soon the acquisition program has been all kinds of questions。Since the acquisition of the required 30.600 million, the shareholders' own funds Zhao Wei was only 60 million yuan loan, the remaining funds were the source of third-party loans and financing, which is 50 times surprisingly high leverage make capital markets eyebrows。  Affected by this, the share price ten thousand cultures also turn all the way down, and successive new lows。  The end of March, Long Wei acquisition of ten thousand culture media transaction is terminated, but the terms are not subject to Zhao Wei 1.500 million liquidated damages。Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Commission Authority questioned ten thousand culture: WHWH Group initiative to give 1.500 million yuan liquidated damages, whether in contradiction with the previous agreement "breach of contract" phase?  According to the Share Transfer Agreement December 27, 2016 disclosure, "if any party breach of contract, the other party the right to terminate this agreement at any time, and require the defaulting party to pay liquidated damages to the observant 5% of the amount in dispute involving breach of"。  Ten thousand culture is to absolve said Zhao Wei, a supplementary agreement signed on February 13 to fulfill the agreed deadline is April 5, 2017, "before the expiry of the performance period, the two sides negotiated the lifting of the agreement, and do not constitute a breach of contract, so in cancel the agreement stipulated that both sides not to pursue breach of contract ", the decision is independent business judgment and decision making of the company。  WHWH Group also decided to Long Wei media had to pay 2.5 one hundred million yuan payments, cancel the agreement within 60 days after the entry into force, the return of this money transfer with its own pen or self-financing。  Do not do business, liquidated damages do not, actually also maintains the defaulting party, ten thousand culture is really a "living Lei Feng" ah!  You know, this 1.500 million yuan for ten thousand Culturally, not a small sum ah!According to statistics, in 2007–2016 in the third quarter, ten thousand cultural net profit of nearly 10 years and only 1.0.5 billion yuan。    Ten thousand cultural shareholder losses 150,000 per household Obviously, if the deal is successful, the sleight of hand tricks Zhao Wei and sell shell Wanjia Group is the biggest winner; do not become trading, the two sides do not lose money nor an apology, without any loss, but the majority of shareholders Wanjia culture has become the biggest loser。  By the end of the third quarter of 2016, the total share capital of ten thousand cultural 6.3.5 billion shares for 52 958。Not difficult to calculate, ten thousand cultural shareholder holding 1 per household.20 million shares of ten thousand culture。  Since January 17 this year, the share price of ten thousand culture from the highest 25 yuan fell to the lowest in recent 12.45, just three months time, down the middle knife。Such a calculation, the average shareholders ten thousand cultural loss amounted to 15.060,000 yuan。  Up to now, many small investors have said that the controlling shareholders of listed companies and not to defend the rights and interests of shareholders to the share transfer of ten thousand cultural rights to be。  April 21, ten thousand culture will be held in 2017 Second Extraordinary General Meeting。Although the proposal is considered by the shareholders' meeting concerning the election of directors, independent directors and other motion is expected to continue attracting attention of many investors。  With the falling price of ten thousand cultures, new entrants and more funds top ten tradable shareholders before the ten thousand year culture also suffered a lot of losses。  According ten thousand cultural 2016. Three quarterly, China Baoli configuration Securities Investment Fund, the Monetary Authority of Macao – own funds, CAF Agricole information media Theme Equity Securities Investment Fund were held by ten thousand cultural 484.35 million shares, 325.86 million shares, 256.59 million shares。  In addition, cattle scattered Guo Xiuzhen also holds 277 million shares of ten thousand cultural, social security fund holdings 1190.70 million shares of ten thousand culture。  Fans remember before leaving thumbs encourage!Although the original is not easy, a royal accompanies me。Moving movable thumb wealth lighting energy, rising wing soul!