What to eat can ease the post-holiday syndrome?Many people will have after the holiday syndrome, then how come it from the diet conditioning?What to eat can ease the post-holiday syndrome?Both immediately tell you what to eat can ease the post-holiday syndrome, there are five ways to alleviate the Spring Festival Syndrome。What to eat can ease the post-holiday syndrome 1, banana in the West was known as "happy fruit", which contains the symbol of the "salt of wisdom" of phosphorus and rich in protein, sugar, potassium, A, and vitamin C, while also cellulose a lot of。
Are rich in the human body can manufacture special "happy hormone", with the elimination of fatigue, boost the effect of the spirit, but also to prevent heart disease and。2, cereal grains, protein and fat content ranks first。Traditional medicine, oats, sweet natured, liver, spleen, stomach, with the role of liver and stomach, laxative。
Moderate eating oatmeal can help fight fatigue, and added energy for the brain and body。3, Toon Toon rich in vegetable protein content of glycine, glutamic highest ranks of vegetables, help to improve the excitability of the nervous system, enhance the body's ability to stress。
Eat toon can eliminate Chun Kun, dissipated toxins, boost energy。What to eat can ease the post-holiday syndrome 4, strawberry eat strawberries can make sturdy structure of brain cells, brain development and intellectual helpful, strawberry hectogram containing vitamin C50?100 mg, more than, 10-fold higher than。Scientific research has now been confirmed, vitamin?Can eliminate the slack and tension between the cells, brain cells, solid structure, it is important to help the child's brain and mental development。
5, the impact mushrooms to eat 200 grams of mushrooms produced by the body is equal to the sun two days the sun。Mushrooms are rich in vitamin d, regular consumption of mushrooms, may play a role in the elimination of fatigue。