Shanghai BEIJING, March 21 (Reporter Xu Jing) professional human resources services in Chile Shanghai Economic and Technical Cooperation released in Shanghai on the 21st date salary data show that in 2017 the overall rate of salary% in 2018 is expected to tune % rate of salary, salary rate among second-tier cities for two consecutive years is higher than the first-tier cities。   The compensation data are key indicators of the 2017-2018 multi-year human resources and Chile Shanghai's human capital consulting and Chile data center survey results, the number of samples involved in research for the enterprise more than 2800, which accounts for about 20% of the samples in Shanghai。   Research found that across the country, although slightly lower than the 2018 data estimated the level of mid-2017, but the situation compared to the previous years of continuous significant decline, still showing the warming trend。   Distinguish between urban point of view, the salary rate of enterprises in Shanghai at a low level in the first-tier cities in 2018 was expected salary%。 Corporate salary of Beijing and Guangzhou-Shenzhen area in% and% respectively。
  Salary rate for two consecutive years the level of second-tier cities is higher than first-tier cities。 Thus, in Chile Consulting research center is expected in the next few years, more people may at first-tier cities saturated demand, to the second-tier cities to seek career opportunities。   Distinguished industry point of view, as the financial industry continues to grow and develop differentiated segments of the financial sector is also growing flow of talent, compared to the industry turnover rate, second only to the financial industry, the Internet industry and the emerging financial turnover is generally higher than traditional financial。 At the same time, the financial industry employers demand continued to rise, which investment class, sales class, risk control, IT products job recruitment more difficult compared。
  Financial sector salary is higher than the overall level of the industry, second only to the Internet industry。 2017 Annual financial sector overall salary rate% 2018 in%。 Emerging financial sector salary higher rate, financial leasing, mutual gold, class capital markets industry (private equity, and information management, securities, trust) salary situation is more optimistic, banking, insurance, salary relatively conservative。
  It was positively correlated with the high-tech industry talent shortage pay levels and the degree of。 From 2017 hot technology salary level, artificial intelligence posts annual salary has more than 600,000 yuan (RMB, the same below), the algorithm more than 400,000 yuan, big data is more than 350,000 yuan。
Since total cash income of software development engineers over the years point of view, the Internet industry as a whole was significantly higher than that of high-tech and ITO / BPO industry, and the past five years to improve significantly the level of compensation, the value of 310,000 yuan in 2017, compared to the overall high-tech and ITO / BPO industry, higher than the 10 million。   Research shows that the overall voluntary turnover rate in mid-2017% over the previous year have risen。
First-tier cities of turnover compared with last year increased by%, although compared with 2016, voluntary turnover rate of change of the magnitude of first-tier cities is slightly higher than second-tier cities, but its absolute value is still lower than the second-tier cities for two consecutive years turnover rate。 In the second-tier cities in the case of small gap between the pay levels, the lower the opportunity cost, people are willing to try to change relatively more。
First-tier cities, Beijing lowest turnover rate, in%, while the Shenzhen highest,%, Shanghai% of the turnover rate, the flow of talent is also more active。
  Consulting and Chile 2017 annual survey data show that only 66% of the companies that completed the 2017 recruitment plan。
In anticipation of the number of employees in 2018, as well as 57% of enterprises will be additional staff。
More than half of business information by members hope to bring positive signal for the job market。   Human capital consulting and Chile observed data centers, research and development and technical personnel are still hot in the job market, the overall pay levels of R & D staff has been higher than the same level of other positions, not only that, in recent years, its growth rate is also higher than the remuneration other personnel, R & D personnel by mid-2017 the average pay increase of about%。
R & D personnel to attract, retain and motivate remains an important topic of enterprise talent management, in the current wave of technological development, the composite type, demand and competition for professional and technical personnel have cross-border capacity will be more intense。
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