Beijing on March 20, the Spurs 89-75 at home to repel the Warriors。 The Spurs (41-30) four-game winning streak。
LaMarcus – Aldridge scored 33 points and 12 rebounds, Patty – Mills 12 points, Danny – Green 11 minutes。
Warriors (53-18) shot only%, the "Big Three" missed, "Dream" Bradley Richmond – Green is also the second back injury。 Quinn – Curry had 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Nick – Young and Andrew – Andre Iguodala had 10 points each。 The two teams are not the same thirst for victory。
Western Warriors second position has been very stable, they compete for the first is not so eager, more than the main injury in the case, let them rest。
"Big Three" has several games in a row while the lack of war。 Spurs are not the same, once they fell to the playoffs out of the loop。
Although now ranked seventh, but the advantage is very small, the rest of the game still must struggle every field。
[] [] Spurs head start, Danny – Green an opening to hit the third, their 11-4 start, the Warriors were three minutes after the first shots in the game。
Warriors feel nothing, 6-20 behind after the first half section。 This section there are 5 minutes and 25 seconds, only Cook hit a three-pointers, this is their only three points in the first half。
Even so, the Warriors still tenacious fight back after the first section to 21-30 behind。
Warriors have less of the "Big Three", the fourth Big Green was injured in the second quarter to leave。
This section and 7 minutes and 29 seconds, he was defensive when Danny – Green kicked nakedness。 Bradley Richmond – Green would like to adhere to, but after a few steps away in the field painfully bent down, was forced to leave。 Fortunately, he still went to the locker room themselves, treatment。 Bradley Richmond – after Green's departure, Aldridge continuous succeeded, the Spurs 44-28 to expand the。
Warriors finally recovered, after successfully limited the Spurs within five minutes not let them hit a ball。 Shot after a wave of 13-3, chasing the score 41-47。
Until more seconds of this section, the Spurs only by the Fox hit the buzzer first half to lead 49-41。 Warriors have not been into the attack state, after all, they did not the strongest point of attack in court。
Fortunately, they found a feeling on the defensive, but also limited the Spurs。 Especially in the third quarter, they only let the Spurs get 12 points, beyond the score。 The third quarter and 3 minutes, Spurs to 59-52 lead, the Spurs after which hit only one ball, the Warriors 11-2 to end a wave of this section to 63-61 lead into the final one。 There is no "Big Four", the Warriors are no longer the strongest league offensive team, the last one they are stuck in the mud, make matters worse, they not guard the Spurs this section。
The entire fourth quarter, the Warriors scored only three times warfare。
Aldridge continuous attacks, after the Spurs play 22-7, when the game 1 minute 52 seconds to widen the gap to 83-70。 Spurs to seal the victory in the last minute pulled the main。 Spurs last a 28-12 win。