Xinhua Brasilia, June 24 (Reporter Liu Tong Yang Jiangling) Brazilian Foreign Trade Commission and the Department of Trade and Industry announced on the 24th, to reduce the country's inability to produce 250 kinds of capital goods and information and communications products import tariffs。  According to the Brazilian "Official Gazette" he revealed, including 240 kinds of capital goods tariff from 14% to 2%; tariffs on 10 kinds of information and communications products by 16% to 2%。  In capital goods, the largest number is used in oil and gas exploration and production machinery and equipment that will be used to develop deep-sea oil fields in southeastern。The rest is municipal solid waste management system, the production of agricultural machinery and equipment, packaging equipment and so on aluminum。  The lower tariffs on capital goods initiative is part of the Brazilian government's stimulus policies to boost the industry continues to decline。The government hopes to encourage enterprises to increase investment, more manufactured goods, not too much dependence on imports。  Analysts pointed out that benefit most from this initiative is the oil industry, mining industry, auto parts and agricultural machinery industry。Brazilian imports of capital goods of the largest source countries were the United States, Japan, Germany, China and Sweden。