So that the body to enhance disease resistance, in order to achieve the role of disease prevention。
Massage can clear the meridians, run blood, swelling and pain, to reconcile business health, uneasiness of mind, balance of yin and yang, can prevent the occurrence of sub-health。2, exercise can exercise activities muscles, bones, joints, getting a vivid, boost yang, Cheong Hang blood, enhance physical fitness, regular exercise is an important means to prevent and eliminate fatigue, but also make people feel happy, long-term exercise can promote metabolism, enhance physical fitness, is an effective way to prevent the sub-health。
Usually can be performed such as walking, jogging, tai chi, but also often hair, rubbing soles of the feet, rubbing Shenshu, Zusanli, so that limbs, joints, internal organs have been activities to promote blood circulation, enhance health and improve immunity force to prevent disease。
3, relax thinking in terms of ideology, to maintain a pleasant, upbeat state of mind。In living, we should adhere to proper exercise, go outside regular exercise, keeping regular sleep, meals quantitative, but also pay attention to the ventilation window。
Only purposefully nursed back to health before they achieve the best results of health。You know how much 4 sub-health, diet nursed back to health before and after the festival from the beginning of spring to the throttle gas is growing vegetation infancy, human blood also is in a strong period, in diet to restore this solar terms should be selected to maintain coordination and balance the body functions according to their actual situation meals, taboos partial heat, cold side, partial-liter, dietary errors partial drop, as in cooking cold food, its principles must be accompanied by ginger, vinegar sauce warm to prevent cold dishes cool side, after eating lossy stomach caused by abdominal discomfort disadvantages; and if eating yang dishes often accompanied by Yin of the goods, in order to achieve complementary yin and yang of。