Ukiyo fleeting, edge to edge to, who hurt a sound farewell?Who heaved a Fallen flowers?A treasure who read?I do not know the situation plays, and passionately devoted, Bliss-changing, you are my end of the millennium change practice。    ——Text / Red smile [time] in the context of the ferry in May, touch the time, some of the study, Ruo; some of the dream, faint。    Standing time of the ferry, look streamer flies, pure white moonlight, it seems difficult to come to know human joys and sorrows, always inadvertently lying in a graceful mind, either a finger sigh knuckles hurt wound。    Mo fleeting, that of a light pickup Acacia, a piece of paper for years, half letterhead Xinyu, who is gentle years?Who stunning of the time?In the most beautiful years, I met you, it is doomed graceful that period Yan Liu painting the bridge, embracing cloud water。    Turn off the chapter memory, vaguely, that is softly misty rain in May, a Boat Sailing, I first saw a few eye, two restless heart。I do not know the past life of fate, your warmth, to romantic my first sight of sight in laughing in, from the water for the media, the mountain as evidence, a word commitment, enantiomers, with branches, twin wrapped around the heart lotus, Jinfeng Yu Lu a meet, they won numerous world。    Perhaps this season, without deliberately, walking breeze, listening to soul, to the south, I'm just lost in a fleeting look back, and to the north, you, but I always want to read endless waiting and peach water。    [Cleared] Canhong Bowl, anything for autumn sad painted fans, this world, love obscure, unpredictable situation。Season flowers, Canhong cleared, find him deep fly Ruchun。    Standing on the edge of the season, watch a ghost town, hands on loneliness, sadness is a wisp of wind, through the fingertips, lost in the fleeting touch of。Xu Sansei commitments under, the results gave not I, after years of a dream, Murdoch is not ecstasy, curtain westerly, thinner than yellow。    Perhaps, this world there are too many things that people unable to grasp, and as, fingers together in prayer oath, after being dried in the air and volatile ups and downs, this kind of scattered, light, far away。Passage of time, streamer fly forward, who vowed a colorful past?Who Rye ripped through the fleeting?Carrying a roll of clean and shallow, Shan Yilianyoumeng, a balcony Lethe, executive sum asked the day。In fact, some of the answers, just Ripples; some sections, destined to silence。    Who said: about love, silent watchman child is the most bitter gardener?Toyama million heavy, seasonal transition, mid geese off, thinking, such as training, perhaps, about infatuation, more or less an affair with sadness。    Holding a piece of paper Su Jian, lonely under the sky, waiting for the wings of birds, among smile blurred, vaguely whose voice, stood at the window, my pet name mews?Plane trees, Midnight Rain, the situation does not suffer from the road; a leaf cries, empty stage dripping out。To mention a thousand lanterns, to eat only at Seduction, waiting for a silly dream。Acacia ferry, whose pain osteoclasts?Who in the sum of light ink, the tears every night that can not swim across the Nirvana?    Dream wind thousands of miles, Red come and go several times, the end of the horizon to see the streamer fly, do not ask where is the return date, wishing mind Fuyao Qin, strings broke who listen and?Su heart strokes, blurred shallow writing, poetry Yin to do, how have arrived in a romantic love War?Life is but a vain, when I look back, Huakaihuaxie flower sky, just turned Heart With Million Knots。    [End] Akimitsu year spring thing, peach red Who; a look back, carnal encounter who; a little consonance, the truth of who donated; a garden hoe and tears, who buried?    Mottled years, recorded fleeting, and that the horse had time to clean and shallow at Que Que of Qing Dynasty。Moonlight water, cold cold Che, pulled past lives slightest margin, the memory beads broken to pieces when touching a watery place dream。Perhaps this life, you and I are destined to be in the chaos of this earth, do a dream trip, no flowers nor fruit, no beginning nor end。    Perform a Que clear words, ink rhyme into mourning, monopoly Wandering Road, lost fleeting, light the roots。Xu's commitment to the next person, but two people's deep-seated fireworks。Since then, the moon and stars do not meet, the landscape does not meet。Today many, like water trace; Ming Xi He Xi, Jun has been a stranger。Nor was, nor who, years no trace everything non。….. Yin sum long time, dance a tie Ink crosswise, look at the crystal by column, twist a thousand years scriptures, moonlight across the waterfront for you, stand as a thin memo。    Flowers and the world, a Bodhi leaf, not enough time aside for a story, an unforgettable love, millions of times in the Review, the interpretation of the highest power on the stone Sansei。A promise Acacia, a sum into mourning, people were emaciated, but for whom, beaten and do not go hand in hand, Acacia Fu, fleeting crossing, no reason has been mistaken Westerly。Red depths, had no trace of the dream, lift eyes from slow Dimei through pain fingertip off the word, into mourning。But left, wine Lin Feng, eye read flooding, record looks like you spend every Chuxian Shi。    Ukiyo fleeting, edge to edge to, who hurt a sound farewell?Who heaved a Fallen flowers?A treasure who read?I do not know the situation plays, and passionately devoted, Bliss-changing, you are my end of the millennium change practice。    This life, my only wish lotus lamp in, as you try to write countless annoying chatters; this life, I only wish liter morning twilight falls, you do Yin past lives afterlife innumerable twists and turns Acacia cited。If you do well, I will be a sunny day, a pupil of the eye meet, life safety study。    So, it is good。