Metal is indispensable to human life thing, whether it is home automobile manufacturing, or manufacturing surgical instruments need to help all kinds of metals。
But humans really master the use of metal only a few thousand years, and people in Romania they found a piece of metal from 250,000 years ago, can we say it is an alien to stay in the history of human use of metal is very short, and the use made Lu history metal is only a few hundred years, recently, archaeologists have actually found a 25 million year old aluminum metal parts, this rare event source for parts unknown, experts say, it is by no means artifacts。
Foreign scientists recently for a special aluminum alloy showed great interest, because by laboratory tests, this piece of metal has been 25 years of history。
You know, the history of mankind aluminum metal only manufacturing is only about 200 years。 Accordingly, some scholars have speculated that perhaps this is evidence that aliens have visited Earth。 British "Daily Mail" reported that in 1973, construction workers dug this strange piece of metal in the vicinity of the river Mures in central Romania。
Metal about 20 centimeters, cm wide, 7 cm thick, a portion of a shape similar to the ax, but the above there is a recess。
Romanian scientists found that this object contains 12 kinds of metal component, which is 90% of aluminum, over 25 years old year。 After that, a laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland also measured the same result。