Give me three thousand Weak water, turned into tears, bridge, people do not go; only the roots of the drunk, intoxicate himself drunk is not with thoughts; give me three thousand reincarnation, into Hongmei, hold snuggle; I write poetry do, ink has become a monument, I'm afraid you are not beautiful。 — Inscription love, can“Pine end is not wide, to eliminate the Iraqi people languish。”That withered Acacia, whose broken dreams, who lost his eyes。Wrenching pain spread, the air was filled with the smell of heartbreak。Love, people are always selfless, humble forget themselves。Who love, doomed to hurt deeper。Real love, too little of each other, too many forget themselves in rivers and lakes。People always stop chasing the front of the scenery, that is always the most beautiful way in the future, they kept looking, he refused to stop for a while。So rub shoulders missed; rub shoulders missed。Dolphin silly, after the mortal world, Acacia tasted bitter。Give me three thousand Weak, overtaken by human tears bridge of no return。Acacia's end, there I daydream waiting。You are not, my heart has left。  Three thousand reincarnation, Bana open。Sansei stone edge, step by step, marching heartbreak and bitter Acacia。You are not, I believe the end of the oath, carved in stone Sansei, but that you can see。So Chi Chan, only one person。Ye laugh at me crazy, stupid or, Who is not had a heart that when, already in the love of insanity。Sails had to do, still have not escaped this emotional tie him down。I look back, you still my primary care。I think, think, believe it and you grow old。Love, mess my Bliss, mess my heart。  Only in the text, feeling my heartache。Confused, I do not know how to get rid of this cocoon Acacia。Once, share flimsy moved。Today, the only remaining traces of painting with sadness。The Acacia have Gu, by tipping the roots。Always thought butterflies fly, but the sea is no butterflies fly over the sea of courage。Years later, it was found。Not a butterfly fly past, but the sea that one, already without waiting。Your casual runs your life, and I like that carefully keep looking at this humble happiness。My poems written in the monotony of Acacia to you, and your dreams Could I figure there。Fleeting tempting, pour this life, just pour red makeup Yan, smile。do you know?I gently call in the bottom of my heart, once the initial share of heart。  Met, once the most beautiful reunion。What will you and I finally separated。Broken heart, already left in that a first memories。How much waiting cemented Acacia tears, the moment you turn around, fall。   Drizzly rain covered shoulders, covered shoulder; flute cold, petal residue。  Beauty tears, tears make the trip。  Past and Present, so pass on。  Petals were independent, light rain Yan Flying。Love, do not wait。  Sakura cold water original (reproduced please be sure to indicate the original author)