Beijing March 22 (Reporter Ying Ni) Commercial Press and Lourdes Ridge Press, 22 held a "Law Building Order" (Author: Ji Weidong) in Beijing, the English version of the book launch。
The latter was established in 1836, is the largest of Humanities and Social Sciences Publishing House。   Commercial Press deputy editor Chen Xiaowen that "Law Building Order," a book to show the concept of modern Chinese rule of law in the formation and development of contemporary China, as well as institutional change of twists and turns。
In the book, the author through a series of narrative and interpretation, construction law establishes new procedures stance doctrine, the Chinese social diversity of the unique multi-layer, network of relationships with local isomorphism, and so into the whole interaction the understanding and design of the system reform mechanisms among and provides the legal order of about a generation, transformation, dynamic analytical framework plan on this basis, on the basic consensus "rule of law in China," the proposed system design feasibility of。   He believes that by reading this book, whether it is foreign scholars and general readers, will receive more accurate information on the rule of law in China, resulting in positive positive understanding of the current rule of law in China。 This was also the Chinese people's contribution to world science and legal theory of human intelligence law。
  Lourdes Ridge Press (Routledge Press) was established in 1836, is a famous British multinational publishing company, it is the world's largest Humanities and Social Sciences Press。