Common clinical ulcer disease have oral ulcers, gastric and duodenal ulcers, and gastric and duodenal ulcers is one of the most common gastrointestinal diseases, I believe we all know the impact of diet for digestive tract diseases , duodenal ulcer diet in which said at today's eleven taboo。
Duodenal ulcer a bogey food taboos: freezing and overheating diet。
Second, avoid: strong promotion of gastric secretion with spices and foods such as wine, flavors (with pastry), cinnamon, aniseed and so on; and lemonade, coffee, tea and broth, chicken broth, mushrooms and other raw materials; there smoked system of fish, meat, ham and oil fried and greasy foods。Three bogey: rough food, such as whole grains, celery, leeks, bamboo shoots, dried fruit and the like, and food hygiene, easy gas production。Four bogey: more purine foods, such as soy, beans, tofu silk, tofu, smoked, etc., because he can promote gastric secretion, and cause mechanical irritation of the gastric mucosa rough plant fiber, while in the stomach stay up to 4-5 hours, but also easy to produce gas, it should be disabled。
Five Note: soup category, tea, coffee, cocoa, tea and some condiments such as mustard, pepper, vinegar and pepper。
Bogey six: too dirty, too oily and fried food。Diet to digestible foods, fried meat boiled to cooked vegetables do not half。Taboos: large amounts of MSG, hot and sour and salty food。Bogey eight: excessive eating no law。
Should be frequent meals, avoid the pain of hunger, eat twelve soda crackers pain。
Nine bogey: tea, for ulcer patients, tea more harm than good。
Tips: gastric and duodenal ulcers in patients that suffer gastric ulcers and lesions all the time chyme stimulation, development of the disease and healing is very closely related to diet。
So more attention to their diet in their daily life, a reasonable match, in the treatment of the disease which is very important。