Rockets in Beijing on March 19 129 120 fifth straight victory over the Timberwolves beat the West continues to dominate the first episode of the game after the game appeared to be the focus of heated debate。 Timberwolves players in the distal Dieng pushed to Paul, while the Rockets bench Gerald Green stepped forward to fight back the sense of justice, a relentless push Dieng, the referee was expelled。
Green is in his early teammates reflects the bloody, so many fans applauded, but Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni after the game bluntly criticized Green's move, hoping that lessons。
  Playing basketball bloody need, do not let the urge to become bloody, or hurt their own。
"Dion pushing people first, not bad, that should give a technical foul, that this thing is over, then Gerald (Green) pushed a relentless, also received a technical foul, he must learn", Germany Anthony Green's analysis of the conflict seemed to be acting rationally。
  If you stand on the emotional point of view, Green is in his early to Paul, brothers enough, enough bloody deserves thumbs up。 But the consequences of pushing people are triggered by Green himself was ejected, and the Timberwolves took the opportunity to continue ferocious counterattack, once the score gap to only 5 points。 Rockets this war in the first half thanks to accumulate a sufficient lead, thanks to Harden have also heroics in the distal, the last 2 minutes 9 points to hold the winning results。
  The German commander publicly criticized Green is a good thing, is intended awoke rocket soldiers, in the contest should not be too impulsive。 Rockets this season, has suffered losses in an impulsive, January 16th road loss to the Clippers, Rockets opponents were soldiers in the case of verbal provocation, the Clippers locker room after the game containment。 Union After some investigation, and Green Ariza suspended for two games。 Provocative Clippers Griffin and small rivers are not punished。 Rockets wronged, but it is the law of the Union。
Trash talk will not be punished, the locker room after the game impulsively containment that is illegal, we need discipline。
  Green twice impulsive move, Germany Shuai really need awoke him in words, or else he may become a time bomb in the playoffs, becoming the target of rival setup,。
Too impulsive in the playoffs no good, and may even lose the championship。
2015-16 season, if another Green – Draymond Green does not reach out and hit James crotch, eat a flagrant foul, leading to its fifth war can not play, maybe you can not complete reversal Knight。
  Green Rockets need to learn to control their emotions, rocket other soldiers, too。 This season, the Rockets have the strength of a championship, but they lack enough experience, what happens on the road to the playoffs can happen, need to be more rational, avoid impulse。   (No headlines: Li Xilin basketball lore)。