Shandong introduction of new regulations credit cheating on exams of academic fraud will be credited to lose the trust of Xinhua News Agency, Jinan, March 17 (Reporter Chen Hao) – Shandong provincial government has issued new public credit information management regulations, restrictions apply to the implementation of bad credit status of natural persons, legal persons and other funds and other financial discipline。
Under the new regulations, major cheating in exams, fraud and job classification in academic research and other work and other acts, will be credited dishonesty information。   It is understood that the provisions of Shandong Province natural dishonesty information includes information Examination Cheating tax arrears information, participate in national or provincial organizations, fraud information, the legal representative of the enterprise and its main business personnel in academic research and job classification and other work by cancellation of business registration and other administrative information to avoid punishment。
This information will be by the public, authorization query, the Chief sharing, etc. disclose, disclose a period of 5 years。   Under the same conditions, the organization has managed public affairs for the good credit of natural persons, Shandong Province, the executive and legislative regulations grant will be given incentives within the legal purview。 For example, a priority in the implementation of administrative license handle, simplifying procedures, priority select an object in terms of financial funds and other arrangements for the project, taking credit points in the trading activities of public resources。