Data for: May 4, 2008 afternoon, "Taipei literary season" May Fourth Literary tea party held in Taipei, the poet Yu Kuang-chung autograph before the meeting。
Reporter Liu Shuling She is Hong Kong Yu Guangzhong life and the creation of an important station, he wrote: "I had twelve years of her fate, though last parted, but not for disputes。
"21 years old, his family moved to Hong Kong with Yu Guangzhong, a year later went to Taiwan。
By mid-1974, he again came to Hong Kong, taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1985 and departure to return to Taiwan。   Hong Kong famous writer, associate professor of the Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong Chinese Fan Yu Guangzhong too good mark on "Modern Literature" course in the eighties, he is with great respect and affection feelings recalled the teacher of the year。
  Fan wound up good standard Chinese literature sophomore, before Yu Guangzhong read poetry and prose, much admired teacher。
Yu Guangzhong class very seriously, unlike other teachers joking, so he did not close。
Nevertheless, Yu Guangzhong for a unique view of many writers of the May Fourth Movement, a new wind blowing in the classroom, left a deep impression。
He believes that Yu Guangzhong many views coincide with mainland China in the "Rewriting Literary History" appeared in the late eighties views。   Yu Guangzhong returning to Taiwan, Hong Kong still often to participate in activities。
Mid-1992, Fan has stayed on to teach good standard, a single event, the department sent him to pick up Yu Guangzhong, it was his first close contact with the teacher。 Let him extra surprise when he told the teacher's favorite poems is "in the Cold War era," the teacher opened the trunk, took out a signed his name and gave him。
He said with emotion: "He is a master, with only a few books should be given to friends。
I pick what sort of work he did not, he took the book gave me。 "Later, Yu Guangzhong each to Hong Kong, Fan good standard will meet the teacher。 He and the teachers themselves as role models prose, and prose Yu Guangzhong advocates of the revolution, is the first research of Fan good standard in the field of modern literature。   Last Fan Yu Guangzhong see good standard, in mid-2015 on, "Mr. Qian Bin four academic culture lecture" New Asia College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the spring, when Yu Guangzhong hale and hearty, sharp thinking。 In October this year, Taiwan's Yu Guangzhong Zhongshan University to do a birthday dinner, good standard Fan invited to participate, but could not go because you want to teach。
"It felt very sorry if desperate to see that more than good!"Here, he can not help but choked。
  Yu Kuang-chung himself, regardless of prose, poetry, translation, comments are very high achievement。
In July this year, there has just published a translation。 Fan good standard, he said: "I teacher most of the energy on the creation, in the creation of almost 70 years, he should be in writing no regrets, he was to write something written down, or to the end of his life in writing。 "(Finish)。