Local time on March 17, 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics wheelchair curling finals ended, the Chinese team beat Norway 6-5 in overtime, the history of the Chinese delegation won the first gold medal in a Winter Paralympic!  This is the Chinese delegation participated in the gains of the previous winter's first Paralympic medal, also the first gold medal, achieved a historic breakthrough。   The game, the Chinese team sent four players are first baseman Wang Meng, Liu Wei second base, third base Chen Jianxin, four-base Wang Haitao, Zhang Qiang as a substitute。 Chinese team first game of flip to get two points, using the same Norway team pulled one back flip, after two innings Chinese team 2-1 lead。
  Third Bureau of the Chinese team mistakes, taking advantage of the Norwegian team the go-ahead 3 to 2。 Chinese team after the fourth inning to tie the game, both teams goalless draw in the fifth inning, the score deadlocked at 3 to 3 levels。   Sixth inning, made up his Norwegian team to rely on to get a point, again exceeded by 4 to 3。 But the key seventh inning, the Norwegian team cast pot mistakes many times, the Chinese team to get two points go-ahead score。 Council Chinese team have the opportunity to take a point, but the last shot Haitao force is too large, could not stop scoring area。 Last game regular game, play rejection of the Norwegian team to rely on to get a point, to chase the score 5 level, into the play-off finals。
  Plus innings Chinese team hold the advantage FLAC, Norway four bases last shot mistakes, the Chinese team to seal the victory in advance to get a point。 The final Chinese wheelchair curling team to 6-5 victory over opponents, boarded the highest podium。   After the match, China coach Yue refreshing said, hit the last game, the venue has changed astringent, who can fight to the last, who have the opportunity, our team is very confident, seized the opportunity。
  Yue refreshing said the title came not easy, the team paid a lot of hardships。 She said that although to get the championship, but we have to first put down, pay close attention to preparing for the 2022 Beijing Paralympic Winter。
  China CDPF Chairman Zhang Haidi to the scene to watch the game, cheering for China to help out。 (Finish)。