do you need?Life, many people are paying more attention to calcium, then you know you need calcium for pregnant women?Following small to talk about with you what you need calcium for pregnant women。
Pregnant women need calcium you need every pregnant woman is calcium。 Pregnant women need more than just their own calcium supplement, forming fetal bone also need calcium, calcium necessary for fetal entirely from the mother。
Usually the need to increase the storage 30 grams of calcium, the calcium content extracted only from the diet is not sufficient。
A large number of female loss of calcium during pregnancy, in fact, the main reason is because the fetus。
Calcium needed for growth, bone formation of the fetus from the mother to all pregnant women consume calcium is much larger than the average person。
In other words, the existing body of pregnant women calcium supplement of calcium per day and a considerable part to "drain" to the baby body。 From 16 weeks of pregnancy recommended daily calcium intake from 1000 mg to 1500 mg of the third trimester increased。 Calcium no later than 20 weeks of pregnancy。
1 ,: pregnant women, calcium deficiency symptoms can generally occurs when five months pregnant, they often occur at night。
However, some calcium deficiency in vivo Bulletin boards though, did not show as leg cramps, easy to overlook calcium。
(Note: not all calcium deficiency during pregnancy cramps blame!) Pregnant women do need calcium 2, loose teeth: Calcium is the main elements that make up human bones and teeth hard tissue, calcium deficiency can cause tooth enamel dysplasia, the ability to reduce anti-caries, hard loose organizational structure, if the Bulletin boards feel loose teeth It may be a calcium deficiency。 3, pregnancy syndrome: there is a certain relationship between the occurrence of calcium deficiency and gestational hypertension, gestational hypertension if you are troubled, perhaps you should alert up。 4, joint, pelvic pain: if calcium intake, in order to ensure the calcium concentration in the blood is maintained within the normal range, under the action of hormones, pregnant women, calcium in the bones will be a substantial release, causing joint, pelvic pain。