What are the main points in spring elderly health?Spring is the season of good health, and the health of the elderly is the largest of a group, then you know that spring elderly health how to do it?The following night on the net to tell you spring for the elderly health points。
1, to the spleen and stomach of food in the spring, the elderly should eat lily, lotus seeds, yams, jujube, these flat Gan Warming things that make the stomach more active, reduce the food in the stomach accumulation of time, you can prevent high cholesterol, high blood pressure。
2, the spring diet should conform to the characteristics of solar terms, usually people like to eat acidic foods, this time to eat, because spring is the season of divergent, convergent and acidic foods are functional, and if it continues to eat acid, is not conducive to good the renewal and will be detrimental to the stomach。
People eating sour, eat sweet foods may be replenishing spleen。3, relatively low immunity in the elderly eat some warming effect of onions, garlic and leeks, etc., can enhance the body's resistance, resist cold-based diseases。
4, somewhat frail elderly Qi, Spleen Qi can eat some foods, such as rice, sweet potatoes, yams, eggs, etc.。
5, often to the outdoor exercise, fresh air, cleaned can body of an aggregate, improve heart and lung function, kill bacteria on the skin, enhance the body's immune system。
First, choose the elderly exercise warm weather, fickle spring weather, choose warm weather sports travel, for weatherization plays an important role。
Spring elderly health 6, the spring movement of elderly people should be appropriate, to avoid excessive exercise, like walking, tai chi and so is more suitable for the elderly sports。
7, the elderly in the spring to have a good diet: food diversification, with the thickness。Appropriate to eat high protein-containing foods such as milk, fish, eggs, lean meat, etc.。Control salt intake。
8, the elderly spring health bogey greasy, sour, cold things, refrain from drinking excessively。
9, the spring climate larger temperature difference between day and night, the temperature varied, such as premature removal of winter clothes for the elderly can easily catch cold sick。
Because the physiological function decline in older people, the ability to adapt to climate change is poor, so clothing should be ready to increase or decrease their body combined with climate change in accordance with each increase or decrease in the magnitude smaller。
Clothing should be soft and lightweight, personal warmth。