Scrapping what precautions I believe we all know, it is a very common method of health care, many people have tried, so what precautions scraping together scraping and night network to see what precautions introduced it!Scraping what precautions a, shelter and keep warm scraping should be sheltered, keep warm。
Low temperature should minimize exposure site, not at the scraping or convection fan at the summer heat。
Because when scraping sweat pores open vent, in case of cold evil, evil people can open vent directly through the pores of years, not only affect the efficacy of scraping, but also because of feeling cold lead to new disease。Second, the scraping hot drink cup will sweat excreted during scraping, evil efflux, body fluid will consume part of the body, after scraping hot drink cup, not only can consume complement portion, but also promote the metabolism, accelerating the discharge metabolites。After scraping a cup of hot water is a very good choice for the promotion of metabolism is very helpful。We should also pay attention to these matters after scraping。
Third, after scraping scraping bath time there after what precautions scraping treatment, in order to avoid cold evil invasion, must serve the skin pores closed after restitution, before bathing, usually about about 3 hours。
But in the bath process, when water damage is dry, you can scrape。The bath due to slightly open vent pores, this time with less time scraping, the effect is significant, it should be noted warm。Fourth, after scraping should not, should not be in place before the original place before scraping up scraping a part of the fever did not retire spot again scrape a fever。Scrapping again at an interval of 3-6 days time to retreat to the skin fever as the standard, who are able to scrape up, in order to strengthen the role of retreat fever。