Called "sputum core" in ancient Chinese medicine for liver Qi knot, poor body fluid operation, resulting in phlegm knot together from subcutaneous。"Thyroid nodule" appears in the thyroid gland, was; as caking, near the chin ear, was "lymph node Festival"。
These "nodules", not only affect the image and normal physical activity, gives the life and work of a heavy burden, but also indicates a greater physical problems。
    Is a common benign tumor, can occur in any part of the fat。
Some cases occur in the extremities, mainly in the skin, it can also be found between the limbs and deep abdominal muscle, patients over the age larger, less common children。Deep lipomas and more along the muscle growth, can be as deep periosteum, but very few violations of adjacent bones。Lipoma rarely malignant, surgical resection is easy。
  Cause 1.Factors excessive drinking, frequent consumption of fatty meat, animal offal, such as fish without scales or egg yolk crowd because of eating too much fatty products, high-cholesterol foods, leading to excessive newborn adipose tissue, so that the body of excess fat cells heteromeric, change hard。  2.Factors job is too large, feelings of irritability, can cause normal adipose tissue and congestion are intertwined, for a long time may form connective tissue wrapped fat cells to form。
  3.Bad habits often stays up late and other bad habits will decrease the ability of the body break down fat, the original adipose tissue and fat newborn can not be properly arranged, the formation of abnormal adipose tissue, that is, ""。  1 daily health, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables。
  2, eating low-fat, low-cholesterol food。
  3, low cholesterol foods are mushrooms, edible fungus, celery。
  4, daily choice of oil to be multi-purpose, not animal oil。
  5, eat chili, garlic and other spicy foods to stimulate class。
  6, with boiled, steamed, braised, fried, mix, boil for a short, stew cooking methods, not fried, deep-fried, grilled, smoked cooking methods。  7, more water, more activities。  8, to maintain ease of mind, emotional stability。