2016 sports figure selection award prediction predicts women’s volleyball team to become the biggest winner_1

2016 sports figure selection award prediction predicts women’s volleyball team to become the biggest winner
On January 15th, Beijing time, the 2016 sports figure annual selection awards ceremony will be staged at the National Swimming Center.The details of the 2016 CCTV sports figure annual selection nomination award list have been announced. Since the 2016 season is the Olympic year, many projects have achieved world-renowned results in this year.Specifically, the selection of the best female athlete of the year and the best male athlete of the year will be quite fierce.Due to the special position of the women’s volleyball team in the minds of the Chinese, Lang Ping or the best coach is the most popular candidate, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team is also one of the hottest characters in the best team. Gong Xiangyu also has a considerable advantage in the competition for the best newcomers.Become the biggest winner of this award.Click to watch the[2016 Live Broadcast of the People’s Choice Awards Ceremony Live Collection]Best Male Athletes of the Year: Chen Long, Ma Long, Sun Yang, the top three, and PK Ma Long are more competitive. Sun Yang, Ma Long and Chen Long are the most competitive.Sun Yang won the men’s 200-meter freestyle gold medal at the Rio Olympics last year. It was the only gold medal for the Chinese swimming team.The five candidates are all Xinke Olympic champions, and Ma Long has also become a grand slam, but if it is more influential and weight, Sun Yang’s gold medal is of great significance.Table tennis is a national ball. We have people who have won two consecutive Olympic Games. The Chinese people understand that they are playing normally. Like Sun Yang, he has won the Olympic gold medal for two consecutive times and is the only gold medal of the Chinese swimming team. This difficulty is very difficult.big.  Of course, Malone is also very good. As the captain of the Chinese table tennis team, he won the men’s singles and men’s team gold medals at the Rio Olympics last year after winning the men’s team gold medal at the London Olympics in 2012.If Malone gets a good boy, I believe that the outside world will not be surprised.Long won the Olympic men’s singles gold medal and continued to write about the new glory of Guo Yu in the Olympic men’s singles event after Lin Dan won the championship in 2008 and 2012.Long Qingquan and Wang Zhen have also made major breakthroughs in their respective fields, but their influence is relatively small.Last year’s best man was Ning Zetao, the men’s 100 champion of the Kazan World Championships.Predicting the winning athlete: Ma Long Best Female Athlete of the Year: Ding Ning vs. Zhu Ting Judging from the popularity, this time the selection of the best female or the PK between Ding Ning and Zhu Ting.Zhu Ting is playing in the Turkish League and has no plans to return. It is estimated that this factor will reduce her by one point.The five candidates are very good, but the specific situation is still different.Guoping’s outstanding national players have been running in this selection for many years. Ding Ning is also popular now, and many people voted for her.Liu Hong was the last female athlete of the year and won the Rio Olympics gold medal last year. But before Rio last year she encountered a drug ban, which will have some impact on her.  Zhang Mengxue is the first gold medal winner of the Chinese shooting team in Rio, but the Chinese shooting team only harvested this gold medal, creating the worst record in the last seven Olympic Games. This will have some impact on Zhang Mengxue.Bell Angel’s breakthrough in the field of bicycles seems to be more suitable for the best breakthrough award.Zhu Ting is an Olympic champion and MVP. Netizens who like women’s volleyball almost support Zhu Ting’s achievement.Predicting the winning athlete: Zhu Ting’s Best Coach of the Year Award: Lang Ping’s highest voice This model is mainly based on the competition between Lang Ping and Liu Guoliang. Focusing on the special situation of the women’s volleyball team in the minds of the Chinese people, Lang Ping’s winning coach of the year should be expected.The Chinese women’s volleyball team won the World Cup in 2015. Last year, Lang Ping won this achievement. This year, Lang Ping is expected to win the coach of the year award. Previous page12Next page