Fu Yuanhui, who has no heart and no lungs, cried 50 Yang had no real opponent_1

Fu Yuanhui, who has no heart and no lungs, cried 50 Yang had no real opponent
(Original title: Fu Yuanhui, who has no heart and no lungs, cried)    Fu Yuanhui cried.  The Honghuang girl, who felt so careless and heartless, cried after getting the 50-meter backstroke silver medal missed championship.  At 27 seconds and 15, although better than the semifinals in the preliminaries, luck did not stand on her side, with 0.The difference of 01 seconds missed the championship, and finally won a silver medal.  Before the game, grab your bleeding marks to mobilize yourself, still with 0.01秒之差无缘冠军  没心没肺的傅园慧,哭了  说实话,虽然是这个项目的世锦赛卫冕冠军,本次世锦赛前今年这个项目世界最好成绩也是她创造的,但经过100米仰泳After unexpectedly missed the finals, Fu Yuanhui’s confidence before the game did not seem very sufficient.  In the 50-meter backstroke preliminaries of the World Championships, Fu Yuanhui swimed out and ranked first with a good score of 27 seconds 21.In the semi-finals, Fu Yuanhui improved again, 27 seconds and 19, behind Brazil’s Medero 0.01 seconds ranked second.The results should be pretty good.Of course, the short-distance project has a large number of variables, and the status is bad.  In the previous 100-meter backstroke semifinals, she ranked in the 13th missed final with only 1 minute, 0 seconds and 39 seconds. At the time, she said: This is not my level. I am a 58-second swimmer. How can I swim for 1 point?  What kind of sad mood is it? Fu Yuanhui’s answer still has his own style.Like the college entrance examination, there are two subjects in total. I may focus on preparing for the 100-meter project, but I still lose the competitive qualification of this project.  After messing up the 100-meter backstroke, although the coach hoped that Fu Yuanhui would not be affected by the performance of the 100-meter backstroke, Fu Yuanhui felt that he had experienced the pre-match state of being in the 100-meter backstroke and suddenly fell to the bottom.It can’t be adjusted at once.  I haven’t come out of the shadow of the 100-meter defeat. I haven’t slept well. I hope to rest well tonight and show you a good state tomorrow.  On the day of the 50m backstroke preliminaries, Fu Yuanhui with six blood marks appeared in the mixed mining area again.Before the game, the two arms were used to grab the bleeding marks. This is the unique way Fu Yuanhui used to mobilize himself.However, after the painful defeat of the women’s 100-meter backstroke, her expression became much more serious.  Thousands of thoughts are pressed on the heart, neither serious nor impossible.Maybe it’s serious to swim well, if hippie smiles, most of it is over.Fu Yuanhui said that after losing the 100-meter backstroke, he was very uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep. He only slept for two hours. It was only after dawn that he was a little asleep.  Seeing all the effort put in place goes to the end.hope. dawn. where are they?My heart is full of holes, who knows when it cries.The night before the 50-meter backstroke final, Fu Yuanhui’s Weibo sentiment revealed that it really hurts.  Do you feel the sunlight again?A reporter asked her after she won the runner-up in the 50-meter backstroke final.As long as you don’t win the championship, it’s a mist.Fu Yuanhui said so.In fact, Fu Yuanhui cried not because she missed the gold medal, but because she always wanted to use it to her coach.  In the men’s 200-meter individual medley final before the 50-meter backstroke final, Wang Shun from Ningbo, Zhejiang, swam for 1 minute, 57 seconds, 39 seconds and won a precious piece when his overall condition was not optimal.Bronze medal.  Wang Shun said: Today’s results are very satisfying, and it is an experience of his mentality.As long as I train according to the coaching plan every day, I believe that the Tokyo Olympics will naturally have a good result.Further reading: Fu Yuanhui cried!Fu Yuanhui’s 50-meter silver picking and tearing podium 0.01 seconds gap Fu Yuanhui 50 won the first in sight semi-final 27 seconds 19 scored second

Guangzhou Tower’s revenue increased by about 10% last year and plans to apply for US $ 500 million to ease the pressure on rehabilitation funds

On April 24, Guangzhou Tower Tourism Culture Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Guangzhou Tower”) released its 2019 annual report.Report the fact that Guangzhou Tower achieved revenue6.9% ten percent, an annual increase of 10.09%; Net profit 1.$ 4.4 billion, an annual increase of 3.46%.In terms of product classification, Guangzhou Tower achieved tickets and entertainment income in 20193.$ 5.9 billion, an annual increase of 4.05%.The Guangzhou Tower stated that the reason for the increase was the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the further improvement of Guangzhou’s new landmarks.Social media platform, Guangzhou Tower passenger traffic increased significantly.Due to the full operation of Guangzhou Tower Fortune Terminal, ticket purchases increased by 200,000 passengers, and at the same time, it has expanded advertising business and cooperation projects. In 2019, Guangzhou Tower achieved tourism agency income of 9666.70,000 yuan, an annual increase of 57.67%.In the catering and merchandise sales segment, Guangzhou Tower achieved revenues of 1.1.7 billion and 3222.670,000 yuan, an increase of 7.61% and 16.77%.Pearl River Cruise revenue is 0.9.7 billion, an annual increase of 57.67%.The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has affected the operation of Guangzhou Tower in 2020.During the outbreak, the Guangzhou Tower closed the company’s business premises, and all tourism projects were completely suspended.In order to alleviate the pressure of operating funds arising from the epidemic, Guangzhou Tower intends to apply to shareholders Guangzhou City Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. for liquidity expenditures with a size not exceeding USD 500 million.Despite the impact of the infection, some plans for the Guangzhou Tower in 2020 are still in order.Guangzhou Tower’s “Chaoxiu” Guangzhou Night Economic Project is expected to be in trial operation in the first half of 2020, and in the second half of the year, the supplementary high-altitude amusement project will also begin trial operation.In addition, the investment work of the Guangzhou Zoo New Ocean Pavilion project and the Guangzhou International Media Port East Tower project are currently under active promotion.Sauna, Ye Wang Zheng Yijia editor Li Zheng proofreading Li Xiangling picture Guangzhou Tower official website screenshot