Provincial Satellite TV ratings for the Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala in 2020, successfully achieving cross-screen communication

Sauna Night News has been struggling in this country, and staying at home is a special period of worrying about the country. Watching TV has become one of the few recreational entertainment methods left for the Spring Festival this year. When the audience’s attention is reunited, each satellite TVThe content production and broadcasting capabilities have also been reviewed more clearly at this time.From the New Year ‘s Eve to the beginning of the first lunar month, the Spring Festival Gala of different platforms was gradually broadcast, offering a beautiful audiovisual meal to the audience of “return to the living room”, and also established the emotional connection of the individuals in the “isolated” space.At present, David’s Spring Festival Gala is gradually released, and the 2020 Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala is once again overwhelming, winning the top spot.Sofrey’s data shows that in 2020, Taiwan’s Spring Festival Gala will watch serial port 2 in 35 cities across the country.94%, 59 metering cities across the country have access to ratings2.7%, in the 2020 Taiwan Spring Festival Gala Soufre 35 cities, 59 cities ratings ranked first in all provincial TV Spring Festival Gala, consecutive seventh consecutive provincial TV satellite championship.According to reports from the Nielsen Network’s national urban area big data, the ratings of the 2020 Taiwan Spring Festival Gala will be 2.627%, ranking first in provincial TV.In fact, not only has it gained wide spread of influence, influence and reputation on the TV side, the 2020 Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala also harvested a lot of popularity on the network side with a cross-generational and break-through attitude.From the network data, this year’s Beijing Spring Festival Gala ranked first in the Weibo hot search interactive. The topic list was also the first in the Spring Festival Gala at the same time, the satellite TV Spring Festival Gala was also the first in the list of topics, and 15 hot searches continued to be on the list.Variety show category first; Douyin variety show category first search; online video playback at the same time provincial TV Spring Festival Gala first, online video popularity at the same time provincial TV Spring Festival Gala first.In the context of the era of differentiation in media use and attention to the greatly reduced size, the 2020 Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala broke through the media barriers, while defending the name of “TV Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala First” on the TV side, and repeatedly “slaughtering” on the network side,Successfully achieved a benign cross-screen communication.How can the 2020 Beijing Spring Festival Gala be widely discussed on the Internet, and what implications does it have for the production of satellite TV programs? These average values are worth summing up.Keeping in touch with popular topics, youthfulness, and innovative programs trigger the resonance of the network station. The Spring Festival Gala has always been the source and vane of popular cultural topics. It not only continuously injects dynamic fashion elements into popular culture, but also constitutes the most intuitive recognition of trend trends.The 2020 Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala continues its deep insights into the popular topics of the pulse, with a large number of young, innovative and exquisite programs, hitting the online channel to extend the audience’s aesthetic excitement by the greatest common denominator, which also triggers network-side emotionsResonance.The 2020 Beijing Spring Festival Gala’s hit on popular culture is first reflected in the gathering of popular idols that are loved by young audiences.Xiao Zhan, the two spokespersons for the Spring Festival Gala in Beijing this year, Yang Zi is definitely the “top stream” artist in 2019. Their singing on the stage is completely new and refreshing.In addition, Liu Tao, Yang Ying, Guan Xiaotong, Zheng Shuang, Jin Dong, Wang Kai, Feng Shaofeng, Lehua NEXT, Rocket Girl 101, etc. are also responsible for the current traffic. They are lively and lively in the Spring Festival Evening in Beijing, and the bright performances siphonMassive user attention.Approximately, this year’s Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala will focus more on hot topics and even social pain points. For example, the works led by Feng Gong and Yan Xuejing in language programs pay attention to garbage classification. The three grandfathers of the spring nursing home Cheng Ye, Yang Bing and Song XiaofengAfter playing live broadcasts, Song Xiaobao and Wu Jinyan used “gene matching”, and in the works derived from the IP of “Both Are Very Good”, the two major national fathers “Su Daqiang” and “Xie Guangkun” discussed the original family, pension and so on.Topics, it can be said that these hot topics discussed on the Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala have broad-spectrum and self-propagating characteristics on the network side, and it is easy to activate topic fermentation in public spaces, and embed these topics in program creation in the early stage.This kind of “marketing first” Internet thinking.In addition, the Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala further innovated the visual experience, using new high-tech means to create an immersive experience for the audience, which is in line with the trend of youth culture admiring “art + technology”.Among them, the fifty-six groups of matrix square column-shaped CNC lifting screens suspended in the air, three giant ribbon LED screens, large LED screens in the background, and AR technology perfectly combined to create a dream-like stage spectacle.At the same time, the program planning also uses drones, sky glasses, AR technology, etc. to enhance the novel and eye-catching look and feel, such as “The Temple of Heaven Interns” Feng Shaofeng, Miao Miao, and Huang Minghao jointly performed by Beijing Satellite TV “Meeting the Temple of Heaven””Meet” relies on new technology to complete the transformation from modern to ancient, leading the audience to complete a cultural journey of “traversing time and space” in the evening party.The preliminarily formed society has set “emotional points” with collective memory. Since the beginning of the 1983 CCTV Spring Festival Evening, it has blossomed through the provincial TV. The Spring Festival Evening has now undoubtedly become the “New Year Custom” of the Chinese nation.Through the media ceremonies of “Across the World”, the national consciousness of the global Chinese and the memory of the home country are integrated, and the creation of this sense of the Spring Festival Gala is mainly based on the design of the “emotional point” of the party.The distinctive feature of the 2020 Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala is that it accurately uses the collective memory of different generations and even the entire Chinese nation to set the “emotional point”, which is used for the entire evening party to follow the logic layer by layer.The structure connects the entire evening party, and even the interlocking emotional climax arouses the resonance of the public, conveying the social pattern suitable for network communication.Among these “emotional points” that carry the collective memory of the masses, there are the reunion of Zhang Guoli, Wang Gang, Zhang Tielin’s “iron triangle”, the first full reunion of the protagonist of “Family and Children”, and Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao with their sons to reproduce the classicsIn addition, some of the crew of Beijing TV’s big script “Old Tavern” and “Great River” paid their New Year greetings, and even the blessings of three generations of Chinese women’s volleyball teams. They even invited ordinary people in Beijing Hutong to participate.These “emotional points” have almost penetrated the growth memories of generations from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and even the current generations of the audiences after 90s and 00s. They have both classic art inheritance, popular culture renovation, and Beijing-style cultural characteristics. AvoidLooking at the whole country, both the grand narrative of the magnificent mountains and rivers are taken into consideration, and there is no shortage of small and medium-sized civilians “family family”, which has achieved user snarling and dimensional breaking in multiple dimensions.Objectively speaking, each of the guests in this group appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, which can be called a cultural event in mass communication, and even there are many “live and see” style frames of the century., Reflecting the capital ‘s understanding of the public ‘s ideological trends, its ability to integrate high-quality resources, and its ability to set agendas for social propositions, these collective memory-bearing contents naturally triggered persistent topic fermentation on the network.The data shows that as of January 31, # 2020 北京 台 春晚 # Weibo topic reads nearly 2.7 billion, the Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Evening Weibo main topic conversion read more than 7.2 billion, the discussion volume exceeds 42 million, the main topic word # 2020 Beijing台 春晚 #No. 1 on Weibo Hot Topics, No. 1 on Variety List and No. 1 on the same city list, # 家 有 儿 儿 夏雨 夏雪 夏 冰冰 #, # 陈佩斯 朱时茂 看 自己 儿童 演 吃 面 # Two topicsIt has occupied the second and third places in the Weibo search list.While watching the Spring Festival Gala, the audience also participated in interactive messages. Netizen @ 孤舟 渡 岩 said: “Beijing Spring Festival Gala is overwhelming. The iron triangle group remembers childhood. Jiang is still old and spicy, and he shows his talents and links smoothly.”Echoing the current events theme, Shouzheng innovation shows that humanistic care can fully realize the same frequency resonance of the TV station. It must also echo the current events theme in meaning production and answer the mainstream breakthrough. A prominent highlight of the 2020 Beijing Spring Festival Gala is the current fight.The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic responded in a timely manner, and related elements were added in the content setting and subsequent fermentation, which was praised by netizens.To be correct, the fight against the epidemic has suddenly become the mainstream context within a week, and the Spring Festival Gala for all platforms that were about to be recorded or even already recorded at that time was called a test question.In this context, the 2020 Beijing Spring Festival Evening less than 20 hours before the broadcast, the leader of the Beijing TV station personally took the lead to deploy and recorded the night fight against the epidemic.The program “Our Power”, which was fought and polished in 15 hours and collectively recited by the seven hosts of Beijing Satellite TV, was arranged at the opening of the whole party and became the most dedicated paragraph of the party, “At this timeAt this moment, standing here, what we should have said is a festive season, a family reunion, blessings that the years are quiet and Vientiane is updated.But this Spring Festival, we would like to dedicate blessings to a city that fights against viruses, to a war without smoke, to a group of white angels who love no boundaries, to a China with great aspirations . “The host sincerely paid tribute to the medical workers who fought hard on the front line, and expressed everyone’s determination to overcome the epidemic.At the same time, in the Spring Festival Gala of Beijing, the program “Zhuang Zhi is on my chest” sung by Jin Dong and Xiao Zhan’s “East Wind Blows the Drums” was repackaged in the subsequent communication.The two actors played the role of doctor in “Surgery” and “Please advise me for the rest of their lives”. This Beijing TV station also edited and edited the performance of the two in the two dramas and the live concert of the party.Xiao Zhan Jin Dong MV “pays tribute to medical workers who are fighting on the front line of the epidemic.Many netizens praised the Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala for their homeopathy. @ 我 的 咪咪 merely said: “Beijing Taiwan has done a good job. This video is very standard and very touching. Pay tribute to the frontline medical staff and all the strugglers.Healthy and safe!”Seesaw 71069 said:” The east wind is blowing, the battle is going on, and Dr. Zhuang and Dr. Gu sing “Ambition is on my chest” to pay tribute to the medical workers who are still fighting on the front line during the Spring Festival.Use my heart and ambition to challenge the epidemic, raise the height of life, and shine the warmth of the world!””, On January 28, the Beijing Radio and Television Station Art Channel launched a “war epidemic”, a must win!”The event included nearly one hundred entertainers in the Beijing Taiwan Spring Festival Gala, such as Chen Peisi, Zhu Shimao, Feng Gong, Wang Gang, Huang Bo, Liu Tao, Jin Dong, Yang Mi, Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Gao Yalin, Cai Xukun, Han Xue, Guan XiaotongLi Chen, Li Zhiting and others joined in one after another, and spontaneously recorded short videos related to “fighting outbreaks.”This “war” epidemic must be won!”The event is typical of Beijing Radio and TV, which is the capital of the media, and it is also the value of the first good media. Its content production adheres to the unity of the party and the people, focuses on the direct observation and spiritual appeal of social reality, and effectively plays the media.Public credibility, influence, and build a new era of media value heights.Overall, the 2020 Beijing Spring Festival Gala responded to the current events and the concept of homeland through a ceremonial TV space, demonstrating Beijing TV ‘s persistence and responsibility for mainstream media. At the same time, the program creation is surprisingly decent and expressive in terms of expressionThe change is eclectic, and the pulse of the youth culture is accurately controlled. Therefore, the parallel harvesting of the popularity is maximized in parallel on the network platform, and it also provides a good model for the production and cross-screen communication of satellite TV’s Spring Festival Gala.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Jun