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2015 NBA Finals Cavaliers vs. Warriors Live CCTV5 Live Video
On June 11, Beijing time, tomorrow will be the fourth game of the 2015 finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers at home against the Golden State Warriors.Can LeBron James play another miracle and lead the team to win the match point?Stephen Curry, who has recovered his feelings, can he lead the team to equalize the total score and regain the home advantage?  In the third game, the Cavaliers won 96-91, winning the first home victory in team history. In the third quarter, they even led by more than 20 points.Although the Warriors turned around in Curry (27 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 13 of 13 3-pointers), the Cavaliers narrowed the point difference to 1 point in the fourth quarter, but the Cavaliers still rely on defense at the last moment.To win, Curry was also annoyed by the last-minute mistake (6 turnovers in the game).Tomorrow’s 1-2 backwards in the fourth game tomorrow is not new to the Warriors. They also trailed the Grizzlies 1-2 in the Western Conference semifinals. At that time, Curry also had 2 consecutive shooting percentages below 40%, but in the end the Warriors4-2 Reverse promotion.Draymond Green said: We have experienced such a situation, wait and see.  What is the problem?The Warriors generals are all aiming at the offensive, in fact, they have been aware of it as early as the end of the second game.The Warriors still scored 108 points in the first game, averaging only 95 points and 91 points in the last two games.Coach Steve Kerr said: This is not a series that allows us to run and score 125 points.Klay Thompson also said that as long as the rhythm is recovered on the offensive end, the finals can be won.  The Warriors strive to improve the offense, and the Cavaliers hope to keep James away from injuries while more players are decompressing.Matthew Delavedova is the representative. After starting to replace Kyrie Irving in the second game, in addition to contributing high-intensity defense (clamping against Curry, stealing at a critical moment), he is also on the offensive end.Some gains.In Game 3, he scored a new high of 20 points for the next season. During his march, he tossed a new paper for the Warriors defense.  In addition, even if the offense was not stable, Tristan Thompson grabbed 42 rebounds in 3 games, including 17 offensive rebounds, and also had the upper hand in the four-position match with Green.In the above three games, only 8 of 30 shots and 1 of 8 3-pointers. His and Curry’s pick-and-roll power dropped sharply, which is regarded as one of the reasons for the Warriors’ total score to fall behind.  Of course, the most warrior leader is still James.He scored 123 points in the last three games, setting a record for the first three games of the NBA Finals.Statistics before the third game show that his drama and assist teammates bloomed in the first two games, accounting for 67% of the Cavaliers’ total score.Therefore, although the Cavaliers are full of wounded soldiers (the 3rd game of Iman Chambord and Delavedova are both injured, but both will play tomorrow), as long as James is there, they hope to survive.  In addition to Curry feeling warm, the harvest of David Lee is another good thing for the Warriors.Lee scored 11 points and 4 rebounds in 13 minutes of the game. His downs and passes after pick-and-roll also enriched the Warriors’ offensive routine.In Game 4, it is worth paying attention to whether Lee and Harrison Barnes will show their tradeoffs in playing time and rotation timing.(Demon) Starter predictions: Warriors: Curry, K-Thompson, Barnes, Green, Andrew Bogut; Cavaliers: Delaware, Champagne, James, T-Thompson, Timofey MozGove.CCTV5 Live Video Rocket VS Warriors Address

2019 Sports Dictionary, 12 words such as “Unfavorable”

In the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, Chinese women’s volleyball girls defended their titles one round ahead in a straight 10 straight victories, and completed the goal of coach “Pan Raising the National Flag and Playing the National Anthem” set by the team.The Chinese women’s volleyball team became the 5th champion of the World Cup and also won their 10th world championship.The victory of the Chinese women’s volleyball team is inseparable from the wisdom and hard work of head coach Lang Ping.This year, Lang Ping deployed the “three-step” strategy for the Chinese women’s volleyball team.The first is to use the World Women ‘s Volleyball League, the Swiss Women ‘s Volleyball Classic and the Asian Championships to continuously train troops; the second step is to successfully obtain the Olympic Games participation through the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Qualifying; the third step is the “decision” World Cup, and strive to win the championship for the teamThe Olympics laid a good psychological and technical and tactical system.Lang Ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team one step at a time, accomplishing the set goals as expected.This is the seventh time that Lang Ping participated in the Women’s Volleyball World Cup. The first time was in 1981. It was also that time. Lang Ping helped the Chinese women’s volleyball team to the top of the world as a player.Now, as a coach again to lead the team to the World Cup, Lang Ping still knows himself and others, preemptive.Prior to the World Cup, Lang Ping “passed over” his main opponent, and he will constantly update his opponent’s information during the competition, which gives the team a stable mental state in the competition.After defeating Serbia in the 10th round of the World Cup, the Chinese women’s volleyball team made history, becoming the first five-time champion of the women’s volleyball world cup, and Lang Ping became a player. He was the first person in the history of winning four championships in his coaching career.In this World Cup, Zhu Ting, the head of the Chinese women’s queuing team, has repeatedly contributed to the performance of a superstar.In addition to the second round of truce against Cameroon, which is weaker, Zhu Ting is also the team’s gathering in nine games, which is the core of the attack.The reason for Zhu Ting’s growing strength is the increasingly mature Chinese women’s volleyball team.Among them, when Zhu Ting’s attack is blocked, Yuan Xinyue will come forward; the main second pass Ding Xia’s ball becomes more and more colorful, making Zhu Ting’s attack more smooth; Gong Xiangyu eases Zhu Ting’s first pass and defensive pressure to protect Zhu TingEscorts, and the more mature Zhang Changning . The team is multi-faceted, with few mistakes, fast attack speed, and strong cohesion. Only then can the Chinese women’s volleyball team become stronger and grow into one of the world’s top teams.After winning the US team, Zhu Ting said in an interview: “The spirit of the women’s volleyball team is never shouted out, but it is made up one point, one game.”The Chinese women’s volleyball team has such a super energy. This energy is two sports and one victory, and she is a kind of vitality.”On November 10, 2019, the FPX team won the second championship trophy for China in Paris. Gao Tianliang (ID: Tian) won the FMVP of the S9 Global Finals, which is China’s second high-profile FMVP jungler.19-year-old Gao Tianliang scored less than a year in the starting lineup.But in fact, Gao Tianliang has been preparing for this crown for 4 years.Before coming to the FPX team, Gao Tianliang was a talented player, but did not have the good luck of his friend Zhuoding (ID: Knight).When Zhuoding was robbed by many clubs, Gao Tianliang was still practicing hard in the training room of YM Club.As Gao Tianliang said, “I have the experience I have before I can have it now”.Perhaps it was because of the cold reception that Gao Tianliang spent three years silently, turning into a talented player with amazing operation skills.Until the arrival of the FPX team in early 2019, Gao Tianliang had a stage to show himself.This year, FPX is like a rebirth of the Phoenix, soaring to the sky, first won the spring season, and then won the championship in the summer.Although he entered the World Championship with the No. 1 seed in the Chinese division, the FPX team is the least popular among the Chinese team.However, as Nazha said, “I am the one who can’t help me,” just like the newborn calf’s FPX has passed all the way, and zeroed in the Europeans’ home G2, becoming the world’s top team.After winning the championship, the surging singing and cheering surrounding the FPX team surrounded Gao Tianliang for his keen observation and exquisite operation in the three games, winning the FMVP.After returning home, although Gao Tianliang said, “The honors of champion and FMVP are a bit unreal,” he still put the championship medal and FMVP trophy in the most prominent position during the live broadcast.China ‘s first League of Legends World Cup trophy was won by the iG team in 2018, and Gao Zhenning (ID: Ning) was China ‘s first World Cup FMVP.Gao Zhenning and Gao Tianliang both happened to be a pair. Both champions of the high surname went out from a YM team that “get together and hard to enter the LPL (League of Legends Professional League), and then go to the sky”.Gao Zhenning joined iG two years after YM sharpened, and became the world’s first jungler two years later.And his teammate Gao Tianliang was also sent to FPX after YM worked hard for 3 years, and became the world’s first jungler a year later.In the semifinals of the World Championships, defending champion iG was exploded by FPX, but Gao Zhenning smiled after the game and embraced his former teammate Gao Tianliang. He was really proud of him.On August 22 this year, the first meeting of the 11th General Assembly of the Chinese Football Association was called in Xianghe, Hebei.In the general election of the president of the Football Association, Chen Xuyuan was elected as the new president of the Chinese Football Association.In addition, Du Zhaocai, Sun Wen, Gao Hongbo and other professionals in the football circle were elected as vice-chairmen. The number of executive committee members reached an unprecedented 35, covering talents from all walks of life. This is known as the beginning of another reform of the Chinese Football Association.As the most important member of the new leadership team, Chen Xuyuan is much different from the previous president of the Football Association.First of all, Chen Xuyuan is a full-time chairperson of the industry association in the true sense. He has the power to make decisions on major affairs, the right to appoint and remove personnel, and the financial right, rather than being a “nominal” or “post” chairman.In terms of personal identity, Chen Xuyuan changed from a former state-owned enterprise executive to the chairman of the Football Association, which is quite different from his predecessor who was mostly a sports figure.In terms of work content, in addition to taking charge of the daily work of the Football Association, the most important thing for Chen Xuyuan is to engage in the establishment of a professional league.This dialysis is the biggest new idea of “innovating the old”.Before taking office, Chen Xuyuan had participated in the establishment of the essence of professional leagues, and proposed three principles of alliance operation, regulations and marketization in this regard. His views were replaced by senior officials of the State Sports General Administration.Chen Xuyuan believes that the establishment of a professional league will enable professional clubs to exceed the right to speak, operate and make decisions, and integrate with the world’s top football leagues.With Chen Xuyuan being elected as the chairman of the Football Association, the preparations for the professional league have also been accelerated.In order to better understand the development of the clubs, Chen Xuyuan went to Greentown, Luneng, Shenzuo and other clubs to study, and took the opportunity of the national team competition to fully communicate with the managers of the Super League 16 Club.In an interview, Chen Xuyuan said that after the establishment of the professional league, he will be specifically responsible for the competition management and market development of the Chinese Super League. The focus of the football association will be on the national team construction and youth training development.After that, the relationship between the Football Association and the Alliance is similar to a “partner”, and the Football Association plays the role of regulatory supervision and service alliance.In addition to establishing a professional league, Chen Xuyuan also paid close attention to the construction of relevant national teams.From the French Women’s World Cup to the national football World Cup preliminary match Guam, from the National Olympic Yellowstone Championship to the U15 men’s “Golden Cup” match, Chen Xuyuan has always been on the front line.This is Chen Xuyuan’s working style after taking office, and it is also another new idea he and his predecessors quoted.Chen Xuyuan was also very decisive on some key issues in the construction of the national name.In addition to pushing Hao Wei as the executive coach of the Olympic Games, he also promised to fully support the women’s football team to stay abroad.Jeremy Lin’s joining Beijing Shougang is a big news for CBA this season.The games he appeared in were often full of seats. Fans wearing Knicks, Nets and even Shougang jerseys were scattered around the stands, cheering for him with support items, counting him to throw a few three points in this gameHow much money was paid, looking forward to becoming the lucky one who received his boots on the spot.The slogan of the CBA league season is “My City, My Home”. Jeremy Lin’s arrival turned all this into “Your City, My Home”.Athletes’ most convincing after all is their achievements.Jeremy Lin’s words and deeds after joining Shougang have affected their respective concerns, especially the performance on the court.Before the start of the season, it was predicted that with Jeremy Lin’s 31-year-old age, a few seasons of injury and illness, and after the peak of his career, these may become his hidden dangers in the CBA.In the 10th round of the league, he missed one game because of shortened back muscle alignment.Although Jeremy Lin’s ability to defeat domestic defenders, but the non-traditional CBA small foreign aid generally rely on speed and explosive power to attack the opponent’s defense.However, he suffered more “special losses” than other small foreign aid.In the first 4 rounds, Jeremy Lin averaged “7 drops”, leading the number of violations.For Jeremy Lin, who has not played well in the past two years, these challenges do not prevent him from enjoying every minute on the court. He has been actively adapting and constantly adjusting himself.Jeremy Lin’s choice of Shougang is based on the recognition of the team system and play concept.He wants to be the leader of the team, not to be a lone hero.He will create opportunities for his teammates when he encounters a double-team, he will spare no effort when defending his opponent’s small foreign aid, and will even fight for the right of the ball every time and do everything he can to achieve victory.It is about to be reprinted in 2019, and the CBA regular season is halfway through. It seems that Jeremy Lin has not yet brought a qualitative improvement in Shougang’s strength, and there will often be a sense of powerlessness that is difficult to support.Looking forward to 2020, he and the team will be able to show Yu Lin.On November 14 this year, the national football team lost to the Syrian team 1 to 2 in the World Top 40 and lost in the first battle of the group. After the game, Lippi announced his resignation as coach.Half an hour later, the Chinese Football Association announced that Lippi’s resignation was accepted, but the word “unsatisfactory” used in the announcement caused public opinion.”Poor people’s will” is a commendatory term, meaning “still satisfactory.”However, in the announcement, the Football Association used the term to describe the worse performance of the national football team in the top 40 match with the Philippines, losing to Syria, instead.Not to mention two games, even if it is to evaluate the performance of the national football’s annual event this year, the term “unsatisfactory” is difficult to apply.In the early UAE Asian Cup, the national football team came out and ended up in the top 8.On the surface, the results are fair, but looking back at the game, the national football team lost to the South Korean team in the group stage; the quarter-finals against Iran, Feng Xiaoting, Liu Yiming, Shi Ke, 3 central defenders took turns, resulting in a 0-0 national defeat3 defeated.In this Asian Cup, the average age of the national football team members is over 28 years old. Feng Xiaoting was completely exploded by Azmon, which is just a microcosm of the serious and aging of the national football team.After the Asian Cup, Lippi stepped down as the national football coach.Since then, the question of coach selection has been how the national football team should “rejuvenate”.The Chinese Cup in March this year became the first national exam for the new national football team. Interim coach Cannavaro recruited many players who did not participate in the Asian Cup, but the problem of aging personnel has not changed much.As a result, the young Thai team and Uzbekistan gave the national football lesson, two 0 to 1 defeats, let the national football team’s unfortunate dream in the Chinese Cup continue.In the more than two months after the end of the China Cup, the topic related to the national football has changed from “rejuvenation” to “naturalization”. Of course, it is inseparable from Lippi’s “two into the palace”.In a friendly match against the Philippines on June 7 this year, Li Ke wore a red jersey in the national football team and sang the national anthem at the Tianhe Sports Center in Guangzhou. The national football team officially welcomed the first Chinese-born player in history.In the first match of the World Top 40 in September this year, Elkson also changed his name to “Exxon” and put on the national football jersey.As he joined the team, the national football team welcomed the first non-Chinese returnee.But in the top 40, Exxon scored three goals in addition to the weak Maldives, Guam scored nothing against the Philippines and Syria.Today, the national football team’s frustrating 40-game history has once again proved that it costs a lot of money to invite famous coaches, and hopes that naturalized players will not be able to solve the fundamental problems of Chinese football.In the short time to come, it will be difficult for the outside world to use “unsatisfactory” to evaluate Chinese football.From August 31st to September 15th, at the 2019 Men’s Basketball World Cup held at the door of the house, the Chinese team won 1 win and 2 losses in the group stage and 1 win and 1 loss in the qualifying, ranking 24th in the top 32.The Chinese team lost to the old opponent Iran and missed the opportunity to go straight to the Tokyo Olympics.Considering that the Olympic Games were lost to the “death group”, the Chinese men’s basketball team basically determined that 36 missed the Olympic Games for the first time.On October 31, the Chinese Basketball Association announced that Du Feng became the new Chinese men’s basketball coach.This means that Li Nan failed to escape the responsibility of losing the World Cup in the end.Looking back on the overall performance of the Chinese men’s basketball team in the World Cup, the reason why the team lost, Li Nan, who is in the handsome position, is indeed unbearable, but it is not the only reason.The World Cup group stage matches Poland, Venezuela and C?te d’ Ivoire in the Wukesong Gymnasium. The Chinese men ‘s basketball team used to occupy the right place. The group stage qualifying for the round of 16 and direct access to the Tokyo Olympics is the team ‘s lowest goal.On some occasions, Yao Ming, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, even shouted for the top 8.In the opening match of the group stage against C?te d’Ivoire, the Chinese men’s basketball team scored a good start in the World Cup, and the qualifying came out well.The second round against the Polish team, the team had a chance to win, but Li Nan’s platoon formation at the last moment and Zhou Qi’s serve mistakes, let the Chinese team give up victory, completely changed the fate of the team.After losing to the Polish team, “Zhou Qi’s serve error” quickly reached the top of the hot search list; the group lost to the Venezuela team at the end of the group game, the Wukesong Gymnasium sounded the “Li Nan class” sound; Qualifying to Guangzhou, although the Chinese teamAfter defeating the old rival South Korea, but losing to the Nigerian team in the end, after missing the precious opportunity to go straight to the Olympics, the voice of “Li Nan’s class” sounded again in the Guangzhou Stadium.Even Yao Ming expressed his responsibilities in front of the national audience, but everyone knew that the coaching team led by Li Nan and Zhou Qi and other national players blamed the Chinese men’s basketball team for the defeat at this year’s World Cup.In the “News Weekly” column of CCTV News Channel, the host Bai Yansong’s comments on the Chinese men’s basketball team were straightforward. “Whether it is Zhou Qi who has returned from the NBA, or Guo Ailun and Wang Zhelin, who are in the domestic league, are not recognized.The strength of the world’s best teams.The penultimate free throw percentage, the penultimate three-point percentage, this weak Chinese team and the world’s strong teams are moving away.”According to the schedule, Du Feng’s Chinese men’s basketball team will participate in the defeat from June 23 to 28, 2020. Due to the same team with Greece, Canada and other strong teams, the Chinese men’s basketball team has basically missed the Tokyo Olympics.For the team, when to return to the World Cup, the stage of the Olympics is temporarily unknown, but in the coming 2019, there are indeed memorable and bitter memories.Life goes to the left, dreams to the right.In this way of life, for the time being, people have almost the same starting point.But when walking around, they parted ways.In the past ten years, Lin Dan and Li Zongwei have worked together to create countless classics in the world of badminton.But in the upcoming 2019, the “Lin-Li War” will say goodbye to us, and their lives will turn in a different direction at a certain time.In 2004, Athens, Lin Dan participated in the Olympic Games for the first time. At that time, he was eliminated in the first round. He may not think that he will have the opportunity to hit the Olympic Games for the fifth time in 15 years.In his career, Lin Dan participated in the 4 Olympic Games and won two gold medals in Beijing and London. Li Zongwei was the green leaf for him.Theoretically, Lin Dan still has the opportunity to go to Tokyo next year, but it’s just not very good.In order to go to Tokyo, he must first enter the top 16 of the Olympic standings, and then also rank in the top two in the national competition within Yu.These two conditions are a bit difficult for Lin Dan today.In the past year, 36-year-old Lin Dan traveled around for his Olympic qualifications. Like every ordinary wage earner, he worked hard to earn every point that could lead the way to Tokyo.Strictly speaking, Lin Dan’s assessment of this season was not successful. He failed to enter the top 16 Olympic points, and the difference between Shi Yuqi and Shi Yuqi failed.This year, Lin Dan suffered eight rounds of travel and suffered from age and injuries at the end of his career.On April 26, 2020, the Tokyo Olympic Badminton Championships will end, leaving Lin Dan with four months.In the latest Olympic standings, Lin Dan ranked 22nd and Shi Yuqi ranked 27th, with a difference of 3339 points.It looks like a lot of difference, but in an ordinary tour champion pair of world badminton with thousands of times, the difference of more than 3,000 points can be ignored.While Lin Dan was working hard for the 5th Olympic Games, Li Zongwei was also fighting against fate.Li Zongwei also dreamed of the Tokyo Olympics, but nasal cancer led his life in another direction.On June 13, 2019, 37-year-old Li Zongwei tearfully announced his retirement and ended his 19-year career.The day Li Zongwei retired, Lin Dan said on social media: “Playing alone, no one is with me.”Li Zongwei also said this in his retirement confession,” If I can, I want to fight Lin Dan again. “However, life has no if.”Heroes always care about each other.In many cases, the opponent is your other hand to realize your dream.The loneliness is indescribable when you are in a high place and you can’t see your opponent when you walk around.There is no such thing in life, but without those great and ordinary dreams, life will eventually become boring.Today, Lin Dan still insists, for his fifth Olympic dream; Li Zongwei also insists, for his and his family’s health and happiness.Over the past ten years, the badminton scene has changed, and the “Lin-Li War” has become a thing of the past.Next year, at the Tokyo Olympics, these two men who haven’t been confused may meet again in another way.Li Zongwei has been appointed as the head of the Malaysian president. He said he would wait for Lin Dan in Tokyo. “I hope you can realize your dream and step onto the stage of the Olympic Games for the fifth time.”March 6, 2019 is Ning Zetao ‘s 26th birthday. At 15: 6 that day, Ning Zetao used“ no fear of the past, no fear of the future, bid farewell to the clear water of the swimming pool and open a new life . ”on social media.To announce the decision to retire.Without warning and abnormal decision, the external decision to retire Ning Zetao was extremely serious.During that time, Ning Zetao’s decision to retire and the reasons for his retirement caused the most controversy.In the 2013 Shenyang National Games, Ning Zetao swam for 48 seconds and 27 in the men’s 100m freestyle, breaking the Asian record. This was his first breakthrough and set a record.The Chinese swimming world began to know this young man.The following year’s Incheon Asian Games, Ning Zetao soon brought surprises to Chinese swimming again. He won the men’s 100m freestyle in 47.70 and became the first yellow man to swim in 48 seconds.In the men ‘s 100-meter medley relay, he staged a counterattack on the last stroke to help the Chinese team defeat the Japanese team to win the championship-the last time the Chinese team defeated the Japanese team in this project to win the championship and returned to 1990.In Incheon, Ning Zetao harvested a total of 4 gold medals for individuals and groups, and overwhelmed South Korean star Park Tae-hwan.That year, he was 21 years old.Incheon is the glorious starting point of Ning Zetao, and the 2015 Kazan World Championship is his highlight.In the 100m freestyle final, he won the championship with a time of 47.84, becoming the first world championship champion in the Asian men’s short distance freestyle event.For this champion, there are opinions that its significance is no less than Liu Xiang’s gold picking at the Athens Olympics.”Chinese Flying Fish” not only reached the peak, but even media analysis said that he will become another “1 billion worth” athlete in Chinese sports after Liu Xiang and Li Na.And also in 2015, Ning Zetao and the Chinese Swimming Sports Management Center’s gradual outbreak of business endorsements, etc., especially at the end, Ning Zetao’s personal endorsement was contrary to the collective sponsorship obtained by the national swimming team.The contradiction was thoroughly publicized.Off-site factors have caused Ning Zetao’s training to be severely affected, and his competitive state has been seriously shifted.In the 2016 Rio Olympics, he was highly anticipated to gradually reach the finals in both men’s 50m and 100m freestyle events.In October 2016, Ning Zetao was called out of the National Swimming Team by a swimming letter and adjusted back to the army.In the Ning Zetao documentary broadcast by CCTV a month later, he was exposed that he was forced to change the items he was exposed to, and he was asked to move out of the apartment and lose his instructor.For a long time since then, Ning Zetao disappeared into public view.At the 2017 National Games, he played for the Henan team and proved his strength again with a defending score of 47 seconds and 92.But after all, the National Swimming Team couldn’t go back, and retirement became an uncompromising choice, ending all regrets and dissatisfaction with a period.The 2019-2020 season NBA regular season is in full swing. Leonard leads the Los Angeles Clippers to bite the Laker opponent in the same city in the western rankings. Siakam serves as the absolute core to help the Raptors rank in the east.But just over six months ago, “Little Card” and “Sika” were teammates. On June 14, the Raptors won the NBA championship for the first time. “Double cards and double belts” brought fans to the playoffs.A short and beautiful memory.Leaving the Spurs to join the Raptors, for Leonard, who had won the finals MVP, this was originally an unpleasant change, but it was precisely this “accident” that contributed to a good story.In Toronto, Leonard met a group of outstanding teammates such as Siakam, Lowry, Marc Gasol, Van Fleet, Ibaka, and finally won the championship again.Especially the young Siakam, who has grown rapidly in just one season, has become the most powerful partner next to Leonard.In the regular season last season, “dual card double belt” became the norm of the Raptors, “small card” and “Sika” became the team’s most comprehensive player offensive and defensive performance; fierce competition in the playoffs, successively against 76ers, Bucks, Warriors and other top teams in the league, the “dual card double belt” model continues to evolve, the Raptors won the team’s first NBA championship.Siakam certainly has to thank Leonard for coming.As the 27th overall draft pick in the 2016 draft, in the first two seasons of his career, he stepped on the development league and NBA courts and spent most of the time as a substitute for Valanciunas until Leonard became the Toronto Raptors’.One member, Siakam finally found the best role model for himself to learn.Offensively, Siakam constantly “stealed” Leonard’s various dramatic ways; on the defensive end, “Sika” restricted his opponent’s skills as well.So on the stage of the finals, everyone saw a versatile Siakam.Leonard should also thank Siakam.During his time with the Spurs, Leonard was almost full of accomplished veterans, playing teammates with Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker, playing team basketball under Popovich ‘s tactical system, Leonard ‘s tactics of this kindTechnology cannot actually be fully demonstrated.After coming to the Raptors, the team took Leonard as the core, and the teammates were able to provide help. Leonard only had the space to play as he wanted.In particular, Siakam, who is also a striker, shared the pressure of the “small card” in both offensive and defensive directions. While the two achieved each other, they also brought the Raptors’ first championship trophy.Today, the Raptors ‘dual-core has become Siakam and Van Fleet, and Leonard has become the top card of the Los Angeles Clippers, but in the future, as long as the 2019 NBA Finals is mentioned, the Raptors that defeated the Warriors Dynasty, “Dual card dual belt” is definitely the hottest keyword.In the ZOZO Golf Championship of the PGA Tour in October this year, after Tiger Woods’ last push into the hole, he scored a total of 261 strokes (64-64-66-67), which was 19 strokes below par and had a 3-stroke advantageWin the championship.This was Woods’ 82nd victory. He tied Sam Straight’s record and tied for the PGA Tour’s most winning titles.Woods once again wrote his name into history.Twenty-two months before this victory, no one knew whether Woods could return to the golf course; 13 months ago, many people speculated that he could still win the PGA Tour; just a few days ago, some fans thought Woods was oldHe ca n’t win anymore, he ‘s just a legend from the past . Woods also said that his son Charlie did n’t witness the glorious moment of his grand slam and never enjoyed the hug celebrated with his father on the 18th green.The father’s greatness, the child can only hear from elsewhere.But Woods made the impossible a possibility.After 4 spinal fusion operations, Woods returned to the field and won the 15th Grand Slam victory at the British Open in April this year after epicly winning the 2018 PGA Tour Year-end Grand Tour Tournament.Six months later, he tied the record with the 82nd PGA Tour title, and his world ranking also rose to 6th . Sam Strider and Woods met for the first time in 1982, the predecessor’s 82 championship record maintained 70In 2014, it was finally tied by the “Tiger” and the two shared this legendary PGA Tour record at this moment.What’s more worth mentioning is that between 1996 and 2019, Woods’ 82 crown took 6 years less than his predecessor, Sam Slade, and played 70 games less.However, Woods ‘ambition is more than that, he will continue to attack Nicklaus’ 18 major championship records.Next year is the Olympic year, Woods has a new vision, “I am 43 years old, there is not much chance to play the Olympics, if I can become a member of the US team, it will be the first time in my career.”From almost being cleaned by the team, to sitting on the cold bench, and then to becoming Liverpool’s” savior “, Belgian forward Origi proved himself with hard work and action.Never give up until the last moment.Before the start of last season, Origi, who had just finished his loan career in Wolfsburg, was cleaned by Liverpool’s price tag, but in the end, he left behind.However, Origi stayed in Anfield, but ushered in half a season of torment.At the beginning of the season, Origui could only follow the U23 youth team and did not enter the first team roster for the first time until October 20, 2018.Origi, who is about to wear the bench, can only do hard training and silent waiting.Opportunity awaits those who are prepared.On December 3, 2018, Liverpool faced hometown rival Everton at home. The home team that could not open the deadlock was replaced by Origui in the 84th minute.In the 6th minute of stoppage time, Origui staged a lore, scoring the only score in the field.If that game was dominated by luck, when the opportunity came again, Origen did not disappoint anyone.In the UEFA Champions League semi-final round of Liverpool’s 4-0 magical reversal of Barcelona, Origui opened the record in the first 7 minutes.In a corner kick opportunity, Oriji, who was always focused, teamed up with his teammate Arnold to make a fast break that made his opponent unprepared. They scored twice and sent Liverpool directly to the Champions League final.Origi’s winning goal was also selected by the BBC’s “Time of the Year”.Fortunately, eat chicken tonight-this is a word that often stimulates players on the battlefield to say.In the Champions League final on June 2, Origi, who came off the bench, scored again to help Liverpool secure the victory and win the sixth Champions League championship in club history.Throughout the season, Origui has been a substitute for the Warriors many times. In limited minutes, he repeatedly scored key goals and became Anfield ‘s well-deserved hero.On July 11, Liverpool announced the renewal of a long contract with Origui, the Belgian shooter will continue to play for the Reds.At the site where Origui signed the contract, next to the huge big ear cup, it is a great affirmation that the club has contributed to his past season.On October 12, a special marathon called “Challenge 159” was held in Prater Park, Vienna, Austria. Under the escort of 41 pacers, Kipchog crossed the finish line in 1 hour 59 minutes and 40 seconds.Successfully opened the 2 hour mark and became the first person in the human marathon “Break 2”.Due to the particularity of the game, the IAAF will not recognize this record, but Kipjog should say, “Today, we are like going to the moon and returning to the earth.”This is not a world record, nor will it be Kipchog’s end point. This is a great achievement in the history of human marathon.”At the age of 18, he won the 5,000-meter gold medal in the World Championships. At the age of 28, he successfully won the marathon for the first time. At the age of 31, he became the marathon Olympic champion. At the age of 33, he broke the marathon world record.Since officially switching to the marathon in 2013, Kipchog has participated in 12 major marathons, won 11 championships and 1 sub, crossed one step after another with his feet, and now successfully opened the 2 hour mark, he is firmly againThe territory of the first person of the marathon.In fact, since the 2013 Berlin Marathon lost to Kipsan, Kipjog has been in a state of solitary defeat.Whether it is the London Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon and other Grand Slam events, or the stage of the Olympic Games, almost no one can threaten his rule.As early as May 6, 2017, at the Monza circuit in Italy, Kipchog once challenged the limits of the human marathon. During the “Break 2” challenge, Kipchog took 2 hours and 00 minutes.25 seconds to cross the finish line, only 25 seconds away from making history.In the 2018 Berlin Marathon, Kipchog won the championship with 2 hours, 01 minutes and 39 seconds, and set a world record by a large margin, officially completing the absolute domination of this project.Entering 2019, Kipjorg first participated in the London Marathon. In a direct duel with 4 Olympic gold medalist Farah and former world record holder Kipsan, Kipjorg laughed without suspense until the end, with 2The hour, 02 minutes and 37 seconds won the championship and won the London Marathon for the fourth time, creating the second best result in the history of the marathon at that time.Perhaps the excellent state of the London Marathon made Kipchog determined to challenge the limit of the human marathon again for 2 hours.After more than five months of concentrated preparations, coupled with the entire team choosing the track, determining the date of the game, inviting the pacers and other escorts, Kipjog finally reached his long-cherished wish in Austria.Of course, there are more challenges and limits waiting for this upcoming 35-year-old veteran, Kipjog will have to face the challenges of such famous players as Beckler and Farah behind him, as well as strive for the official gameConstantly breaking through world records and human limits.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu Liu Shujun Xu Xiaofan Liu Chen Xu Bangyin Sun Haiguang Zhou Xiao Zhang Yunfeng Editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Zhai Yongjun Cartoonist Chun Lei