2015 NBA Finals Cavaliers VS Warriors Online Live CCTV5 Live Video _1

2015 NBA Finals Cavaliers vs. Warriors Live CCTV5 Live Video
On June 11, Beijing time, tomorrow will be the fourth game of the 2015 finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers at home against the Golden State Warriors.Can LeBron James play another miracle and lead the team to win the match point?Stephen Curry, who has recovered his feelings, can he lead the team to equalize the total score and regain the home advantage?  In the third game, the Cavaliers won 96-91, winning the first home victory in team history. In the third quarter, they even led by more than 20 points.Although the Warriors turned around in Curry (27 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 13 of 13 3-pointers), the Cavaliers narrowed the point difference to 1 point in the fourth quarter, but the Cavaliers still rely on defense at the last moment.To win, Curry was also annoyed by the last-minute mistake (6 turnovers in the game).Tomorrow’s 1-2 backwards in the fourth game tomorrow is not new to the Warriors. They also trailed the Grizzlies 1-2 in the Western Conference semifinals. At that time, Curry also had 2 consecutive shooting percentages below 40%, but in the end the Warriors4-2 Reverse promotion.Draymond Green said: We have experienced such a situation, wait and see.  What is the problem?The Warriors generals are all aiming at the offensive, in fact, they have been aware of it as early as the end of the second game.The Warriors still scored 108 points in the first game, averaging only 95 points and 91 points in the last two games.Coach Steve Kerr said: This is not a series that allows us to run and score 125 points.Klay Thompson also said that as long as the rhythm is recovered on the offensive end, the finals can be won.  The Warriors strive to improve the offense, and the Cavaliers hope to keep James away from injuries while more players are decompressing.Matthew Delavedova is the representative. After starting to replace Kyrie Irving in the second game, in addition to contributing high-intensity defense (clamping against Curry, stealing at a critical moment), he is also on the offensive end.Some gains.In Game 3, he scored a new high of 20 points for the next season. During his march, he tossed a new paper for the Warriors defense.  In addition, even if the offense was not stable, Tristan Thompson grabbed 42 rebounds in 3 games, including 17 offensive rebounds, and also had the upper hand in the four-position match with Green.In the above three games, only 8 of 30 shots and 1 of 8 3-pointers. His and Curry’s pick-and-roll power dropped sharply, which is regarded as one of the reasons for the Warriors’ total score to fall behind.  Of course, the most warrior leader is still James.He scored 123 points in the last three games, setting a record for the first three games of the NBA Finals.Statistics before the third game show that his drama and assist teammates bloomed in the first two games, accounting for 67% of the Cavaliers’ total score.Therefore, although the Cavaliers are full of wounded soldiers (the 3rd game of Iman Chambord and Delavedova are both injured, but both will play tomorrow), as long as James is there, they hope to survive.  In addition to Curry feeling warm, the harvest of David Lee is another good thing for the Warriors.Lee scored 11 points and 4 rebounds in 13 minutes of the game. His downs and passes after pick-and-roll also enriched the Warriors’ offensive routine.In Game 4, it is worth paying attention to whether Lee and Harrison Barnes will show their tradeoffs in playing time and rotation timing.(Demon) Starter predictions: Warriors: Curry, K-Thompson, Barnes, Green, Andrew Bogut; Cavaliers: Delaware, Champagne, James, T-Thompson, Timofey MozGove.CCTV5 Live Video Rocket VS Warriors Address